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    Escapist Podcast: 076: Dead Island's Bloody Torso and Our 2013 Gaming Picks

    SimAnt was the greatest RTS of all time. Yeah I said it, take that C&C, TA, and SC. Also Janelle, it's Maxis not Firaxis. Will Wright not Sid Meier. Probably an innocent slip of the tongue but it's a tick I have. Also The Afterlife is by Lucasarts
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    Unforgotten Quest (Unforgotten Realms ORPG)

    Epic, the URealms show jumped the shark two or three times but it was filled with the kind of creativity missing from newer commentary-based shows anymore. Just bought a Diamond pack to support this guy.
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    Gaming Miniatures and D&D

    Yep that's basically it. A few totally new molds, mostly plastic recasts of the metal ones. I was drawn in because I remembered the old days of bags of plastic 'army men' at general stores for $1USD. Time has gone by, and prices have really changed. But I approach senility things like that...
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    Gaming Miniatures and D&D

    Thanks for the feedback! I can't help but agree, especially having seen friends of mine play shadowrun, and the way you describe the layout of the minis makes it seem all the more engaging.
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    Gaming Miniatures and D&D

    So I finally broke down and backed the Reaper Miniatures "Bones" plastic Gaming figures line on kickstarter, the temptation for all those figures was just a little bit more than I could bear. I grew up on small plastic toys like that, whether vikings, soldiers, old western U.S. themed, or...
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    Escapist Podcast: 053: Ouya Kickstarter and Michael Fassbender

    Having Batman be about something would go over much better with me if both Frank Miller and Christopher Nolan weren't just downright evil people in their personal lives. Either one of them could qualify as villains in the marvel universe if their attitudes were placed into super-humans.
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    Escapist Podcast: 034: Mass Effect 3 DLC & PS Vita

    As someone who STOPPED playing console games due to the prevalence of analog sticks, I really hope the PS Vita will be the revolution I've been looking for. The touchscreen on the back could easily serve as a way to move crosshairs in shooters, instead of the stupid carnival claw motion of...
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    Escape to the Movies: This Means War

    But... what about those of us who liked the second act of true lies? Almost liked it enough to excuse the first and second acts for the xenophobia and racism? There was nothing in the second act of true lies that wasn't excused/justified by both partners being in the wrong. This movie...
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 5

    Kyle sounds like Jonah Hill to me.
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    Escapist Podcast: 031: Creativity & What We've Been Playing

    This made me want to watch the new Ridley Scott film even more than I already do... Come out already dagnabit.
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    Escapist Podcast: 031: Creativity & What We've Been Playing

    Cloak of protection: +1 Armour to viruses. Jaws is also better than the Peter Benchley book, though I liked Fight Club at least as well as the movie. Then again I hated M&C:FSOTW and laughed out loud when the top committed suicide and did so again (and was escorted out of the cinema) when...
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    Escapist Podcast: 028: Listener Question Bonanza!

    Piracy is less "stealing" and more "receiving stolen property" which is also a crime. It's like buying a stolen toaster oven from a shady guy on a street corner. You know he didn't buy them himself, but some people think that since the product has already been stolen there is little chance of...
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    Assassin's Creed 2.85

    I would love to see a Rocambole or an Arsene Lupin gentleman assassin from mid 19th century France. It would be even more of a pleasant surprise if a mixed dream sequence of Ezio and Altair calling future Desmond a tosser and convincing him to jump to said past to take steps to counter his...
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    No matter how open-minded...

    People who make good money yet go broke or have little to show for it with no reasons or excuses.
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    Escape to the Movies: Hugo

    I will probably not be seeing this movie, though I am much more interested in it now than before seeing this review