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    Poll: Has Diablo 3's always-online mechanic made you more likely to consider Torchlight 2?

    No, buying Tl2 was always a sure thing, just made me less likely to buy DIII.
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    When's the last time you had sex?

    Couple of days, I guess. The wench is currently out of action. Ask me again tomorrow. Got a good weekend planned.
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    Life experences you found over hyped

    Going to uni was the best thing that ever happened to me, I tell ya. 20,000 students, there have to be a few people I get on with. I have no idea how I got to this point though. ihavenoideawhatimdoingdog.jpg
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    Life experences you found over hyped

    High school, birthdays, getting laid for the first time. High school sucked balls- Uni, on the other hand, is a right laugh. I tend to ignore my birthday- everyone is usuallly far too busy partying already. I just go to one of theirs (New years birthday), and get to party without being the...
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    Poll: Where all the (D&D) paladins at?

    Dunno. Round these parts there's always a paladin. The two that come to mind are the one in my current Pathfinder game, and one in another game I know is going on. The former is pretty much an example of why no-one likes paladins- self righteous and totally unlikable. And then his...
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    Dystopian Wars

    Dystopian Wars is picking up a fair bit over in my corner of the world- our uni gamesoc has a few players now, playing FSA, Britannians and Prussians. I, playing up the mad scientist bit as ever, have my hands on the Covenant, with many spiders (Small walkers), a GIANT ENEMY CRAB (Large...
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    Would you wear Project:Glass?

    Time will tell, but if they work well, then hells yeah. As a concept, it looks bloody amazing. The implementation is where it could be a deal breaker for me.
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    What would your motto be...In Latin?

    Scientia potentia est. Knowledge is power.
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    Dead it just me?

    I returned the game because of the shitty controls. When I'm too busy being angry at the controls to be scared of the monsters. Or tell if they were scary, because they weren't, really.
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    So you like a girl...

    I prefer over some sort of IM, simply because I tend to hit on girls a lot face-to-face, so it's kind of become my personality- "oh ha, sebenko, you're funny, I saw you pull the same jokes with the rest of the girls, and some of the guys." and it's easier for me to say I'm serious that way...
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    Poll: Would you restart your life?

    Nope, life is pretty good. And pretty much everything that's wrong is my fault. I made my own mistakes, and I want to see the hilarious consequences. There are so many plot twists in life, I want to finish this story before starting another.
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    Poll: Have you watched violent porn?

    Well that's a pretty crappy definition of violent. Put those things in porn and my reaction to it will be "D'awww, that's adorable" (as long as it's not studio stuff). This proven with lots of research.
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    Stuff you want to get into, and why you haven't done it.

    Women. I'm just not very good at it.
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    So, would you have done the same?

    Spiders are adorable, especially when they get scared and bunch up, or run away as fast as their flailing colllection of legs can carry them. Bees are also adorable. Wasps, not so much. They exist to be dicks, and I've given them enough chances to leave me alone. Now, they get murdered on sight.
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    Warhammer 40K Advice for a beginner to tabletop games. *EDIT*

    I'm currently looking for a teeny tiny brush for painting eyes- faces are generally easy to get "alright" if you don't paint eyes you can't get right. GW's "fine detail brush" is too hyugefor my manly painting. Been advised to try a cocktail stick. Then again, I've been painting Infinity...