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    Metroid Wii U's Fate is "Up to Developers", Says Nintendo Exec

    I almost gagged when I read that 'lets be happy for what we have' line. Not having anything for near enough a decade is one of the problems. And the developers already said there's going to be no Prime game on Wii U. And Federation Force gameplay looks boring and shit. Stop trying to...
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    Female Game Characters Photoshopped to Average American Proportions

    I'm curious what the real life women a couple of these characters are modeled after think about this being done to them.
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    Metroid Prime Producer Expected Negative Reaction to Federation Force

    Well at least they finally told us that the Wii U is going to miss Metroid. Only hope for the next 3 years is a 2D one. Considering its been a decade since one of those, I'm not going to hold my breath.
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    Diablo III's Patch 2.3 Finally Brings Back The Horadric Cube (Sort of)

    Yeah probably everyone will just go with The Furnace. I've played over 500 hours of D3 and never got one lol.
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    Diablo III's Patch 2.3 Finally Brings Back The Horadric Cube (Sort of)

    I wasn't just thinking about the numbers. I was also thinking about things like the Gidbinn giving a chance to summon a fetish whenever you attack or the Winter Flurry source giving enemies killed from cold damage a chance to release a frost nova. Hell the Envious Blade alone would mix up...
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    Hopes and Dreams for the FF7 Remake

    After hearing what Nomura has been saying I am unable to hope for anything except making the chocobo breeding less shit. Otherwise I'm just too afraid.
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    Diablo III's Patch 2.3 Finally Brings Back The Horadric Cube (Sort of)

    Hey, I didn't see the normal D3 post I see every time. Its a new day for The Escapist! More on topic, they're going to have to limit the cube in some way, maybe it can't use passives that your character couldn't originally equip anyway or something like that or its going to be massively...
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    Poll: What was the "Game of E3" for you?

    Devs that get it. True champions and paragons of destruction. Not to mention triple grappling hooks. Captcha: fire + brim stone. Very apt.
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    Poll: What was the "Game of E3" for you?

    Just Cause 3. 2 was a great game and this one looks simply better in every way.
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    Poll: Fire Emblem: Fates- Which versions are you going to buy?

    There's a digital version, its not Hoshido or Nohr version like the physical but locks out the other path once you choose one the first time you play through the game, then you get the other side in DLC like you can with either physical version.
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    Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Announced at E3 - Update

    And it looks like it'll get the 2 million funding within 24 hours and got to 1 million in 1 hour 40 minutes. Shenmue fans and the big stage has exploded this.
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    Hulk preparing to leg drop Gawker over Sex-tape

    He took them to court originally in the same year (2012) to get them to take down the video via a copyright claim. That didn't work because he hadn't actually taken the video, so didn't own it. So he shifted to breach of privacy.
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    Bloodstained is the Eighth Most Funded Kickstarter Ever

    Yeah, they said the Kickstarter money was only 10% of the overall budget in order to get the investors to fork out, so they actually ended up getting more from the Kickstarter than the entire original game budget. Its now more than doubled at over $10 million. Ridiculous money for a game of this...
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    DoTA 2 "Reborn" Into a New Engine, New UI, and New Features

    Polished as fuck. I'm looking forward to the details on custom games and the engine overhaul. This is possibly the most excited the community has ever been. But of course its dota, we'll find something. Yes, indeed it is lol.
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    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is "Not a Sequel", But Honors The Original

    tbh I don't trust DICE at all so I'm not even looking forward to this despite the original Mirrors Edge being one of my favourite games.