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    PS4 VS PC, wrong. PS4 = PC, Discuss

    Can I spot upgrade my PS4? Can I get into the guts if I so wish and directly access game files? Can I go online and download mods that might drastically change my gameplay experience? Until I can freely and openly access the system side of the crap that I already own, no a PS4 is not a PC. A...
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    How old were you when you had your first cigarette?

    12 or so. My dad was a smoker. He'd buy by the carton, I'd steal from those. If he noticed, he never bothered to mention. Quit when I was around 19. Soul-crushing poverty made it a surprisingly easy process.
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    Borrowing permanently

    In early 2000, I let a friend of mine "borrow" my entire games library while I was out of town for two weeks. Big CD binder, back when that was still a thing. When I came back, I found out from his roommate that he had moved to Texas (from Seattle) to live with a girl he knew via the...
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    Poll: Death Valley, 1 gallon of water, a family will die no matter what you decide. No whirlpool or bacon

    A combination between 2 and 6. Wake them up, give them my water, tell them some basic things they can do to try to last longer while I go and get help (use the car for shade, minimize movement, ration the water). Drive my bike out of the valley and come back with proper assistance asap...
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    Should enemies be able to get head shots?

    Only with autofire weapons, where scatter is an issue that could lead to a potential headshot. The problem is that the computer holds all the cards. It knows exactly where you are, and if it wants to shoot you in the head (and that's part of its programming) then there's nothing you can do...
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    Where would you build your evil fortress?

    Real one? Pocket dimension. But I'd also maintain a fake evil lair somewhere remote but still theoretically accessible. That way it gives anyone who is opposing me something to work towards that won't interfere with what I'm actually up to. Plus, you know, it'd be useful as a mailing...
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    Is it immoral to keep pets?

    1. Animals do not have the same emotional or cognitive range as humans do. On the whole they cannot think in the abstract beyond a very limited context. The alien example is not comparable. It's flawed on many, many levels. 2. Do not overly romanticize life in the wild. "Oh boy, it...
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    Poll: Would you play a game about non-Americans?

    Total non-issue.
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    Poll: Do you question people that play opposite gendered character in games

    No, I don't. Two reasons: 1) I'm not so monstrously insecure as to get weirded-out over petty shit like "oh man that dude made his video game character a lady." 2) What the fuck do I care about what somebody else plays?
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    How important is sex to you?

    Both I and my partner enjoy it and find it (and by extension physical intimacy in general) to be an important part of the pair-bonding experience, so, yeah I'd say it's reasonably important to me on a social level. On a physical/biological level, it's sharing space at the top of the pyramid...
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    Poll: Could the Zerg/Borg/Tyranids/Reapers/Whatever take Fallout Earth?

    I say this as a big fan of Fallout, but - Pretty much ANY of those races would be able to take Fallout earth. Fallout earth is fucked. It's not like there would be anything significant in the form of resistance. A tiny populace struggling with radiation poisoning and teetering on the brink...
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    Poll: Would you support a human Genophage?

    No, I wouldn't support it for a couple reasons. 1. In the long term, we aren't fucking over the planet. Frankly, we're pretty much incapable of fucking over the planet. The planet is way, way tougher than we are. The earth is a goddamn champ at adapting to new circumstances, and most life...
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    Your ultimate goal in life?

    Kill enemies, see them driven before you, hear the lamentations of their women.
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    Poll: Your Brewster's Millions solution?

    Knock off the 10% from charity and gambling first and foremost. Purchase expensive but expendable items that have no investment value. Costly meals for multiple people. Rare wines and then drink them (which isn't destruction, that's the wine's intended purpose). Purchase a commercial...
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    Poll: You're pregnant. What do you do?

    Voted other, due to it being situational. It would entirely depend on my circumstances. If I were in a position where I could accommodate a child in my life, and it were something that I had on some level accepted the possibility of (i.e. in a relationship, reasonably stable, my SO gets me...