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    Miracle of Sound: Zombie Holiday (Dead Island)

    Wow, a week and a half later and I'm still making a point of listening to this song every time I view the site, and I'm not even a huge fan of dubstep. You sir, are a musical genius!
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    Recommend a drug abuse movie

    Spun is a pretty decent one about meth, or "A scanner darkly" for your crazy trippy psyc take on hallucinogens
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    Pro-Gamer Gauntlet: Training Video

    Best line evar: Retro "Is that a...was that a sheep? I'm just gonna verify..." Retro&FPS: "WaghhH!" Retro "That is...that is a sheep."
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    Daily Drop: Ketchup & Mustard

    Single best usage of a crowbar in known history. Exploding condiments are a great way to start the day.
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    Battlefield 3 Teaser Trailer Hints at Release Date

    Battlefield 2 partially caused me to flunk out of university. Battlefield BC 2 encouraged so many late/all night gaming sessions that I was late so often for work I lost my job. I'm hoping Battlefield 3 will be so addictive that I forget that humans need to eat and lose my life. Thank you Dice...
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    Your Line

    "Man, I really need to go to the bathroom."
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    Daily Drop: Binder Coils

    This inspires me to invent a new dance move! I shall call it, the epileptic worm!
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    Looking For a Good Fiction About Insanity

    Try A Scanner Darkly by Phillip Dick, or alternatively watch the see all of keanu reeves 2 facial expressions animated.
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    There Will Be Brawl: Episode 10

    Thank you Matthew Mercer and the rest of the cast for one incredible series!!!
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    Logic failures in video games.

    Why most rpgs involve having the world be saved by some preteen with no military or combat training who starts the game with a wooden sword but eventually has weapons and magic that can destroy armies if not countries. Also how the world/battle field keeps regenerating after certain summon...
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    What will the 2010's bring for Music

    I'm really hoping for a revival of acid jazz, swing, funk and blues music. Mainly because I really want to see people walking around in Zoot suits and Panama/Fedora hats. Plus that was music that actually had soul and took talent to do well, rather then just speaking rhymes over-top of basic...
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    Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

    Wow, almost 800 comments to a video that's less then 30 seconds long...that's gotta be setting a record.
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    If you could have any car which would it be?

    Porsche Carrera, or a Pagani Zonda S7...but since i'll never have the much cash i'll settle with someday owning a Mitsubishi 3000gt