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    Good Multiplayer FPS Games for PS3

    The Resistance and Killzone franchises have some pretty awesome multiplayer. I really enjoy them. Homefront and the Medal of Honor's were all right. Dust 514 is worth looking into. Starhawk has some really interesting gameplay mechanics.
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    Any SimCity type games in space?

    You may want to check out Anno 2070. It's not quite space, but futuristic.
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    Poll: Which Starcraft race is your favorite?

    I absolutely love the Zerg. They were my favorite in the first StarCraft and they remain so far. Terran bore me. They're well designed aesthetically and practically, but I have a fascination with anything non-human in video games. I really like the Protoss as well, but their gameplay style is...
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    Poll: When you're thirsty, do you prefer normal water or some kind of soft drink or juice?

    I prefer to drink the closest, easiest, and readily available fluid. So popping the top of a can or twisting off a bottle cap is faster than getting a cup and filling it with anything. So, it's not a matter of preference but convenience.
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    Poll: Do you dream when sleeping?

    I believe that's precisely why. Most people wake up for a few seconds or minutes then immediately fall back to sleep, several times even before being up for the day. That interferes with the processing of short term memory into long term so most people forget what they were dreaming even though...
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    Poll: Do you dream when sleeping?

    Adults usually dream in 90 minute cycles, so it's not unusual to have multiple dreams a night. Though, most people don't remember dreams frequently. How you wake up in the morning may be a factor as to why you remember your dreams so frequently.
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    Poll: Do you dream when sleeping?

    Everyone dreams every time they sleep unless there is a problem in their cognitive development or have a disorder. Dreams can be experienced in every stage of sleep. Not all people remember their dreams.
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    Poll: NVIDIA or Radeon

    The first videocard I purchased was ATI. When it came time to replace it, I put in an order for an ATI Radeon card. Due to a mixup with the website I was making the purchase from, I was offered and took an upgrade to a NVIDIA GeForce. I say "upgrade" because the NVIDIA card had better specs, it...
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    Suggest me some Playstation 3 titles.

    For shooters: Resistance and Killzone. Check 'em out, they're pretty cool. Valkyria Chronicles is a cool shooter/strategy in a JRPG style. You can't go wrong with Uncharted.
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    Poll: Far cry 3 or Dishonored?

    Yes, you do meet people who do not try to kill you. In areas that have a camp you've captured, you run into friendlies that patrol the area. There are some "random encounter" situations where someone may ask you to help repair their car or something. There are also civilians that you can run...
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    Poll: Far cry 3 or Dishonored?

    I have both Far Cry 3 and Dishonored for 360. I can't speak to the technical parts associated with playing them on PC. For the sake of story and gameplay though, I would definitely suggest Far Cry 3. I love both games. I'm a major fan of the stealth genre (Deus Ex, Hitman, Thief, etc.) and while...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you, Ando, and everyone who views and posts in this thread. I scored some clothes, an epic blanket, and a new PS3 and an end to my stomach flu!
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    Is Sony done with Video Games?

    That's true, I forgot about that. Sony isn't alien to non-Playstation gaming courtesy of SOE and they do have their cloud gaming service. Sony will last quite a long time in the gaming arena.
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    Is Sony done with Video Games?

    I don't think there's been enough speculation in this thread on the evolution of the gaming industry and Sony's involvement in it. Vita failed. The PS3 hardware still hasn't pulled through. Now Sony is looking toward the next console generation, a generation analysts and some developers have...
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    Most anticipated game 2013

    I am tied between GTAV and The Last of Us. I'm skeptical of Naughty Dog even though I do like Uncharted. GTAV can give me shenanigans. I like shenanigans.