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    Google's Chrome Browser Used More Than Firefox

    The joke about IE 6 on nursing homes in minnesota hurts a little. The computers at my college still have IE 6 on them.
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    Red Cross Investigating Virtual War Crimes

    And so it shall be. xXsNiPeReLiTeXx shall have 4 consecutive life sentences for his genocide of the n00bs. 50,000 headshots goes a long way.
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    How do you/would you want the world to end?

    I would actually quite like a zombie apocalypse, because if it was the kind that would actually cause the world to end, we'd get a nice little show of all the people whose rampant media has led them to believe that they could hack it dying horribly at the hands of mankind resurrected...
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    80s glam? Fantastic elastic spastics? Substitute spastics for twatsticks at your leisure. Spandex Dream? Madmen with Mullets? (Get wigs, I can't possibly advise that hairstyle)
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    Feed Dump: Marathon Train Poop

    I thought the Big Ben bell thing was general knowledge. I guess being British helps... Although, I fail to see how that's political. A fact it is certainly, but not very political. Nevertheless, hilarious dump as always, guys. :)
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    Critical Miss: Just Another 9 to 5, Part 2

    Gah! Ninja'd. Well, one Trolls poison is another Troll's pizza.
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    Middle-Aged Gamer Assaults Teen Over Black Ops Beatdown

    Scratches and reddening? BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY. Seriously though, that's bad. Ban C.O.D! :P
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    Love Blooms in New Skyward Sword Trailer

    Characterisation? Heresy! I really want this game though. The art style does seem to be rather polarising, but I like it.
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    EA Changes Origin Terms of Services, Forbids Class Action Lawsuits

    This is illegal in the UK. Yay me!
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    Something to do other than games

    It's still strictly a game, but I will advocate very strongly for; Magic: The Gathering! It's not in front of a screen, it's a very social experience, it encourages creative ideas for decks, and it's a game with a lot of depth. The art is wonderful and the community is very friendly(with...
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    Bums on seats... chair suggestions

    Gymnic fitness ball. So great to sit on. I say Gymnic, it can be any make. Apparently it's good for your spine. I don't care, it's fun and stops my leg bouncing.
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    Parental Trouble

    My parents divorced when I was five. It's never bothered me because they were so nice about it. They just split up, they were still nice to each other. Guess what, it's not your fault. It could never be your fault. My parents did a big number on informing me of this, if they mention your...
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    Should I buy an Alienware?

    Alienware costs 50% more for a shiny alien head. Buy Asus, or something.
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    Toddlers in Tiaras

    At it's normal, harmless level, it's just a fun way to compete with your child, and can be a nice bonding experience for parents and their children. At it's upper echelons, however, it is indeed parents trying to live on through their children as extensions of themselves. Happens all the time.
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    Goodbye is Still Goodbye

    So long, good luck and best wishes, all that. Whatever you do, I wager you'll do it well.