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    Firefly Actors Crowdfunding New TV Series

    Am I the only one who's not getting why this is supposed to be meta? I mean, Alan Tudyk hasn't exactly been out of work since Firefly went of the air. He's been a steadily working actor who's appeared in a wide variety of roles, most of which bared little to no resemblance to Wash (case in...
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    I Wrote That Crap!

    Props to you sir. It takes a lot of balls to admit to doing shitty work. As for the movies themselves, Ten Nights of the Weed actually sounds pretty fun in a terrible, cheesy, only-watch-after-drinking-ten-shots-of-sake way. If this were the 1980's I can see something like that being...
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    Gamers decipher structure of AIDS enzyme

    Didn't see this posted anywhere so I figured I'd give everyone the heads up. It's always nice to see good news and good news about the gaming community is even better. Link and quick synopsis of quotes below.
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    Ten Movies That Will Never Be

    Yeah, we've heard most of this from Bob before and it's getting a little boring. While I agree that some of those wouldn't be made due to the nature of hollywood, mostly the ones involving non-white actors, most of these are just you sounding off on stuff you don't like. Again. We get it...
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    The Big Picture: Hollywood History 101: Part 1

    Excellent, excellent, excellent. Stuff like this is why I watch your shows Bob. A great summary of a subject I really thought I knew more about, but you showed me otherwise. As a side note, are the five minute limits to these videos something the Escapist puts on you or are they your own...
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    Escape to the Movies: Hobo With a Shotgun

    Bob, this is one of your best reviews in awhile. Excellent summary of the merits and/or negative points of the film. Check. Interesting tidbits about cinema history. Check. No calling members of your audience idiot/douchebags/retards for disagreeing with you. Check. Seriously, stuff...
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    Nathan Fillion Reminds Gamers of the Dangers of "Swamp Ass"

    God bless you Nathan Fillion. This man needs to be cloned immediately.
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    The Singularity

    Ever wonder why so many of the world's religions have similar messages at their core? It sure not because they were all talking to each other when they began. Humans evolved as social animals living and working within groups. Successful individuals (i.e. animals likely to pass on their genes)...
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    Duke Nukem Voice Actor Hints At Throat-Loosening DLC

    Is it bad that when I saw the words "Duke Nukem" and "throat-loosening" I thought of something completely different?
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    The Singularity

    The biggest thing to fear with the development of synthetic intelligence is not that it will turn out to hate us but that it will simply not possess or understand human morality. The worst assumption we can make, and one it seems many people do make, is that sentient machines will possess some...
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    Things to Do Instead of Pirates

    I know this was a fluff piece, you know this was a fluff piece so I'm not going to be too hard on you for that. That said I do think I'll check out Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Between the premise and Werner Herzog it sounds pretty damn amazing.
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    Trailers: Deus Ex: Sarif Industries Testimonials

    The Deus Ex guys are getting really good at this sort of thing. This comes across as something we'll probably be seeing in the coming decades as human enhancement technologies progress (not so much the tech but the feel and tone of the advertisement.) Its very reminiscent of commercials we see...
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    What?s What in Thor

    I'm not sure it will be that much of a stretch for people to accept Hawkeye as a valuable member of the Avengers. As others have mentioned the guy's not just "reasonably good" with a bow and arrow. He's a master athlete and weapons maker who can whip out a trick arrow for any situation the...
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    How do I know I Exist?

    The only way I can think of proving (hate that word but we'll go with it anyway) that you do not know you exist is to deny the very existence of the self. If there is no such thing as the individual than there is no such thing as you. This wouldn't require you to contradict Descarte...
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    The Big Picture: The Other Street Fighter

    Oh. My. God. This will now be added to my list of "movies to watch while piss drunk on gin." It looks like an absolute fucking trip.