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    Take My Money: Batman v Superman Who Are You Rooting For?

    Who/What am I rooting for? A better story, and sincere and heartfelt that too much to ask for? Considering the characters involved, it really shouldn't be. Heck, strangely enough, Captain America provided the perfect blueprint for how a Superman film could toe the line between...
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    George R.R. Martin Has A Twist For Someone HBO's Game of Thrones Killed Off

    Part of me feels like GRRM is doing this in retaliation to the books being outpaced by the series. I can understand the sentiment, to a certain extent. Wasn't he supposed to have given the show-writers the "Cliff's Notes" version of the story and finale? Just seems odd to me...
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    Geek Remix: Who Is The Father? Mass Effect Theory

    I always like to think the daughter was Nyreen's as well. However, I never felt that the ages would have worked out properly. From the books and the DLC, it seems like Nyreen and the daughter would have been about the same age? It's a strange consideration, because Asari are so long lived, so...
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    8 90s Anime You Shouldn't Skip

    True enough, although the EVA movies aren't exactly the same thing, more of a re-interpratation, rather than a "director's cut," like DBZ Kai. I hear what you are saying about that backlog though, lol! I have a bookshelf of anime that I've yet to see, not to mention my games and digital backlog!
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    The Division Will Have Three Paid Expansions, Included With Season Pass

    You know, I'm fine with DLC, I'm even fine, in theory, with the Season Pass. But can't they wait just a freaking month after launch before announcing this crap? People are automatically going to feel like stuff was held back at launch. And yes, I'm sure that the logic is that most people...
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    8 90s Anime You Shouldn't Skip

    With respect... Yes, yes you should skip Evangelion. True, it was genre defining, and a pivotal work that stands as a pillar of anime. But damned if it isn't hard to watch now (much like 2001: A Space Odyssey for sci-fi...blasphemy, I know). The thing is, those works have been so...
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    Older Iceman Confirmed to Be Gay in Uncanny X-Men 600

    Wow...and I thought New 52 was the only Universe with poor and cringe-worthy story-telling. This is not a jab at the decision, just the way in which it happened. Incidentally, I would have guessed "bisexual" as opposed to gay...which, to wit, I can't recall if there are any notable...
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    Batman: Arkham Knight PC Re-release Date Finally Confirmed

    That sort of behavior in general. It's all one giant ball of mess. Doesn't really matter what company it comes from, as they all seem to latch onto the bad ideas. It's as much of a horrid echo-chamber as the worst internet discussions can be (not taking shots at this thread, just saying in...
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    Batman: Arkham Knight PC Re-release Date Finally Confirmed

    Should have said "refused." But I'm still opposed to paying full price. Although it's as much b/c I spent that money on Fallout 4 as anything else, but their crap made it easy for me to decide to wait.
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    Batman: Arkham Knight PC Re-release Date Finally Confirmed

    I refuse to buy the next Deus Ex on day one due to shenanigans...I'm hardly going to even glance at the sale page for this atrocity. Barring deep discounts, I'll just have to limit myself to watching YT Let's Plays. Then again, the price of games being what they are (and with content being...
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    John Carpenter Sues Luc Besson for Plagiarism, Actually Wins

    I suppose so, although we called it "Blade Runner Part Deux." HAHA!
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    John Carpenter Sues Luc Besson for Plagiarism, Actually Wins

    I'm sorry, but the plot to both these films is the same as half the movies that came out in the 80's and 90's. Sure, my friends and I all called it "Die Hard in space," but a lawsuit...really? What a waste of time. Incidentally, I actually enjoyed Lockout, and would certainly enjoy seeing...
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    Thor: Ragnarok Will Co-Star Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk

    As much as I love Planet Hulk, doing that movie would mean that the other characters utterly screwed Banner over the course of the next few films. Which could happen. I suppose they could also pull some other method of banishing him (eg: Thanos punts him cross-galaxy).
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    6 Ways Game of Thrones Surpasses Its Source Material

    I agree with 1 and 5 for the most part, and point 6 halfway. Honestly, I got tired of reading horrible people doing terrible things to other horrible people...especially when they all died afterwards, rendering the entire exercise pointless (especially when they didn't actually change...
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    The Name of the Wind to Become a Movie, TV Show, And Game, All At Once

    I'm one of the few people I know who detested these books. It's a testament to the story telling that I still want to finish the trilogy, but I found the characters and pacing absolutely abysmal. Yes, I know how contradictory it sounds. Clearly, the story is doing something right, but I'll be...