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    Future Weapons: ?Wait a minute, this is the future. Where are all the phaser guns?? ? Simon Phoenix

    Getting into areas of larger speculation about wider population now.... When the troops go in, they go in hard but from the perspective of achieving the target. They don't care if the rebels run, surrender or are killed. They only care that they took the objective in the way they want. If...
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    Future Weapons: ?Wait a minute, this is the future. Where are all the phaser guns?? ? Simon Phoenix

    For the same reason you train to hit centre mass rather than going for a head shot, even on unarmoured opponents. There is a greater leeway if you are off-target. E.g. on my own skinny body* I have, (VERY approx), 7 inches left & right, greater leeway up & down. Compare that to 3 inches left...
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    Future Weapons: ?Wait a minute, this is the future. Where are all the phaser guns?? ? Simon Phoenix

    You're thinking on an individual level. If I were a soldier on the ground I would absolutely agree. I am not thinking as a soldier, I am thinking as a government and an evil one with a clone army to boot. I have superior numbers to counter those that die. I have advanced medicine with clone...
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    Future Weapons: ?Wait a minute, this is the future. Where are all the phaser guns?? ? Simon Phoenix

    With respect to Star Wars, as a military weapon it may be that the blasters are designed to injure. A corpse is 150 or so pounds of meat that needs to be disposed of. An injured person is 150 pounds of screaming morale drain that will need at least one person to remove them from the...
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    Participate in a Survey About Gender Diversity in Video Games

    It will be interesting but the fact that it is all numbers without explanations makes me worry about interpretation. For example, are they going to tally that "I believe gaming caters to my needs" with the questions that state I am a white, straight male, (of course it caters to his needs)...
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    Should Every Game Allow You to Choose Your Gender?

    Replace all protagonists with Dralasites? <a href=>These things
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    5 Time Travel Paradoxes That Will Induce Headaches

    I like the 'feedback' idea from 'Into the universe with Stephen Hawking'. The idea is that a time machine opens up to the past for a fraction of a second at t=0. A single joule of energy passes back one second in the past. Originally the universe had x energy at t=0 but suddenly it has x plus...
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    a social experiment on racism

    Wiki for further information So being treated as a lesser citizen sucks? Jinkies! Does this kind of training actually alter peoples opinions, namely making racists 'see the error of their ways', or does it just result in 'Well, glad I'm white...
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    Elite: Dangerous "Premium Beta" Access Costs $150

    Well, one word sums up my problem with this type of criticism, shown without the word in that suspended post. should How much should I spend on a game? £100 or more to kickstart, knowing it might not exist if I don't? Give the difference to charity by spending £30 at release? Give the...
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    Elite: Dangerous "Premium Beta" Access Costs $150

    Maybe it's because it was a disingenuous argument to make at the best of times? The first guy chose to spend disposable income on something he believes in. Does that guy believe in charity? Does he give the same, more or less than that to charity? Maybe because it's a cheap criticism to...
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    Crowfunding Videogames Suggestions Thread.

    Popup dungeon seems interesting enough for me to throw some money at.
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    Earworms and you

    A certain song haunts me. For three years and more, the turning of 13 seasons, its words linger in my mind waiting for release to my consciousness. A jovial song, put forth by painted sprites; of seasons change and coming warmth that both hides and strengthens its insidious nature. My wife...
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    Check Your Privilege!

    White, male, heterosexual, atheist UK resident. 48/100. Thanks Obama.
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    Passed a sinister Steam milestone

    The main reason I changed to digital is because I tend to move around a lot with work or, in the past, study. I have lost so many games over the years that it is nice to have a secure method (mostly on GOG or Steam). There is always the 'what if they shut down' argument but I am going by my...
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    Pen & Paper (Tabletop) RPG Advice for the Completely Inexperienced

    If pennies are tight, FATE [] is a free, (or pay what you want), system that has received some praise. Whichever system you go with, if you are all going to learn it...