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    Sexuality, Diversity, Coming out

    Diversity is not seen as a virtue because it provides some tokenistic sense of moral superiority. Diversity is seen as a virtue because it is genuinely beneficial to society. A great example of this is in corporate boardrooms, there has been a huge drive in the past 10 years to bring people...
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    Assassin's Creed III Limited Edition for Americans Only

    Historians are clearly divided on that and Canadians celebrate it as a victory. Now I'm not saying it was a British victory because it wasn't, neither side saw any benefit in continuing the war, but the shift in the war after the British ended their Napoleonic campaign and actually turned their...
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    Assassin's Creed III Limited Edition for Americans Only

    Although I'm not British, the entire premise of the game makes me quite uncomfortable, and a reflection on this whole controversy has resulted in me sympathising with Russian gamers who's own homeland is constantly portrayed as the bad guy in modern shooters. I'm sure AssCreed 3 will sell...
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    [SKYRIM;PC;WTF BUG] Alduin the Unkillable

    I encountered the same bug without the mods, use the console to kill him. Tab, click on Alduin, and type in kill or killall. Then continue being a boss.
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    Your favourite musical genre mashups

    If you like your violins to wub then look no further than this soulshaking performance by Nero and the BBC Philharmonic: Also I always enjoyed this rendition of Cruel Angel's Thesis, which I suppose qualifies as J-pop:
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    Kickstarter and Crowd Funded Development: An Analysis

    When you look at the gaming industry the first thing you see is a real "us vs them" mentality, 'us' being the consumer and 'them' being evil big-money corporations who will always deserve our antipathy. Don't try to deny it, the gaming community is bound together by a fundamental distrust of big...
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    Sony Still Thinks the Vita is Doing Well

    Didn't the PS3 make a loss for the first 3 years of its lifetime? Has that taught industry analysts nothing about Sony's business model?
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    Niners v. Saints...Why SF is going to win - The Short Answer

    You're watching the wrong game guys, Tebow's ascension to heaven begins later.
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    Why did they cancel Unforgotten realms?

    URealms had a very successful first season on the site (2nd only to ZP wasn't it?) but then Rob decided to cut out his writing partner and go for it himself. Needless to say, comedy duos don't work when they go it alone and the 2nd season just didn't garner enough views to justify spending money...
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    UK 'Piracy' student to be extradited to US

    Simply done to add more precedent to Julian Assange, when your government can use your judiciary to further political ends I fear for you.
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    Writers Guild 2012 Best Game Writing Nominees Disappoint

    Now lets be honest, rather than giving the award to someone who doesn't deserve it but is decent enough to give this an ounce of credibility, why don't we just give it to Mortal Kombat?
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    Rumor: Sony Showing PlayStation 4 at E3 2012

    First next-gen console to offer backwards compatibility and no region locking will be the one I buy. I honestly don't care about XBL, or PSN, or friend codes or Netflix or any other 'extra content', give me a large range of good games and you have my money.
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    How is your life going, Escapists?

    Life is pretty good right now, my advice to those who are feeling down is to actually get out there and do something about it. You've been given autonomy over your own actions, might as well make something of that. Go to the gym, talk to new people, set yourself some goals. Ultimately, the...
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    An anime that made you cry

    Evangelion, that was a pretty intense anime. It's probably the most divisive anime of all time (hate it, or revere it) but you can't deny its depth.
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    TWiSTEDmerc, the new guy

    Hi TWiSTEDmerc, Welcome to The Escapist! We allow video embedding from Youtube by using the ["youtube"=Number-After-Equals-Sign-In-URL] BBcode. e.g. Video reviews are allowed in the User Reviews forum and also your Top 10's should go there too. Essentially all user-generated content...