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    #010: ABD

    Judging by how crestfallen he looks when Erin waves him off, I'd say those are video games and he's trying to find someone to play them with.
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    Blizzard is Hiring for an "Unannounced" First-Person Game

    Please let it be something like Hellgate: London...
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    #157: DUN DUN DUN

    Showing characters against a setting sun often means something along the lines of THE END. That's why I was getting worked up. I'm glad that I was wrong, though!
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    #157: DUN DUN DUN

    Wait, is this comic still alive? Did I horribly misinterpret Grey's tweet two comics ago? Woohoo! Anyway, I think I figured out the Ancient Ones' plan: 1.: Crush 'em up and mix them into a soda that almost everone drinks 2.: Wait for a bit until enough crystal essence has accumulated...
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    #155: Scene

    So I just stumbled across this tweet Well... I guess there's no more hiding it, folks. [] — Greys of our Lives (@GreyTheTick) 17. Oktober 2016 [] That's really sad... I...
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    J.J. Abrams Confirms Half-Life Movie, Teases Official Portal Film Announcement

    I hope they're going to name the Half-Life movie h3
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    #146: Class Warfare

    With all the pep talks he's giving, I'm sure Rad would make an amazing healer. Remember, the Elemental Crystal of Light that made Rad a wizard, thought that Althea would be a good healer.
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    #130: Batter Up

    Erin decreed that they won't be any more killing people, so not-Cloud left his stupidly oversized sword at their base and brought a stupidly oversized cricket bat instead.
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    Overwatch's First Console Balance Patch Nerfs Torbjorn

    What do you mean, one of the incorrect ones? I don't see the correct spelling anywhere! :p He's called Torbj&oumlrn ;-) Here, let me throw you some Umlaute (umlauts?) &auml, &ouml, &uuml = & auml, & ouml, & uuml (without the space after the &)
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    8 of the Best Nintendo 64 Games

    And why does a grown-up Link use the Fairy Ocarina? And why do the buttons have the Gamecube's color scheme? [/spoiler]
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    Bethesda Extends Free Doom Demo

    To be fair, amazing graphics need amazing amounts of disk space. OT: Until now, I didn't even know that DOOM had a demo. I guess Bethesda really wanted it to feel old-school.
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    Microsoft Ends its E3 Presser By Announcing Yet Another New Console - Project Scorpio

    It's also a nickname of the player character from the Just Cause series. So, if it doesn't come with a multi-hookshot, a redeployable parachute and a wingsuit, I'll be very disappointed and therefore not buy it.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Division

    But Yahtzee, have you even looked at the emergency signs in this game? In case of emergency: Keep calm and
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    Poll: Mage, Thief or Warrior?

    Battlemage all the way, but Warrior if that's not possible - Rift: I played a warrior with my main soul being Riftwalker as a DD, and Void Knight as a tank. When I played mage, the melee soul (Archon, I think?) was my first choice. - WoW: I started as a Rogue, then switched to Warrior...
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    Steam Database Leak Reveals FFX/X-2 PC Release, Half-Life 3

    EDF 4.1... E! D! F! I'm so hyped right now! Edit: Journey seems to be on that list too. This is gonna be amazing.