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    Where did Doraleous and Associates go?

    I was just wondering where in the hell Doraleous and Associates have gone. I remember the show being quite funny, but where did the show go?
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    Are you actually good at gaming?

    I am quite good at League of Legends (Playing Kog'maw, Dr. Mundo, Kassadin and Brand), and I like to think that I am good at most RPG's because I have quite a high patience level.
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    Favourite Gamecube Game?

    Mine is Custom Robo. Hands down, one of the funnest games I have ever played.
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    Welcome to Fallout town: What do you do now?

    Blow the town the fuck up, then march on and find everyone with even a remote semblance of a "conscience" and blow them up. Then I search for a bit to find where the AMAZING ALIEN WEAPON is, then I enslave half the population. After that I light a talking tree on fire, doom the citizens of...
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    The game that took your frustration virginity

    League of Legends. I have broken two computer screens so far playing it...
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    Why are YOU losing faith in humanity?

    Losing faith in humanity takes bitterness and hatred. Becoming jaded and hard, so that you cannot recognize the person that you once were. You cannot recognize happiness, or if you have ever possessed such an emotion. Truly losing faith in humanity is losing faith in one's self. A fate I would...
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    No Melee Combat in Fable: The Journey

    Melee is the only skill that is really usable in fable. Doing this just means that the "champion" just got nerfed.
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    The Escapist Presents: Magic the Gathering Challenge Guide

    For the Record, Nicol Bolas is not a dragon nor is he a vampire. He is a dragon-planeswalker and if he was to be considered a dragon (as in a normal dragon0 then he would be considered one of the five elder dragons (six arguably because there was supposed to be a cousin of one of them that was...
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    The main character from the last game you played, fights the character in the above post...

    Young Link vs. Kassadin? Kassadin wins, because he riftwalks in, hit for 99% health with his void orb, and kills you with his wave. And then he riftwalks. Done.
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    I'm an antisocial loner, Help !

    I would suggest working out. It really helps boost your confidence, and makes you feel better about yourself. Also hanging out with your friends (like at their house or whatever) will help you get out of your shell. You'll be getting wasted and hitting on drunk bitches in no time.
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    Saying the 'L' Word To Your Other Half for the First Time

    Totally, I always say to my girlfriends that I'm in lesbians with them. Who wouldn't?
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    Do you think you are an interesting Person

    Everyone I know says that I'm pretty humble, but I would not think that I am that interesting.
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    Worst Fan Base Out There

    I would probably say that Oakland Raiders fans are the worst. For those of you who do not know American Football you wouldn't know why, but they are just the most rude fanbase that I have ever seen.
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    Ok, the main character of the last game you played attacked you... How screwed are you?

    Just recently played MTG 2012 on XBOX Arcade, so I guess I'm going against Gideon? Well, fuck me, he has so much board control that all these cawblades will go through me like he just day'd and got Emrakul. Super nerdy reference that should make magic nerds squeal...
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    What Book Have You Read Do You Think Should Be Turned into a Video Game or Movie, but Hasn't?

    The bloodsucking fiends movie by christopher moore.