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    Understanding Polygamy

    I have two girlfriends, although I'll probably break up with one soon, (gay, btw) They know about each other but don't interact I identify as poly-amorous
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    Near death situations in video games that you got out alive

    It was Mount & Blade: Warband (I think it was Warband, it was ages ago so it might be the original) I had a few hundred troops in a castle, I was resting to let my character heal Then the entire force of the north (Prophecy of Pendor) fell down on my castle, a couple thousand I believe...
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    Ezio and the animus theory

    That is...rather interesting, I like it
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    Lack of Gay Character Options in RPGs "A Shame," Says BioWare Producer

    Yay, more gayness I'm happy to be more represented in games Now if the game itself can be good, we'll be getting somewhere
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    Japanese Government Enforcing Anti-Piracy Law on Anime and Manga - Update

    Okay, sure I'll get right on giving a shit once you start licensing 98% of what I watch and read
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    Bioware Receives Cupcakes as a Thank You for Female Inquisitor

    Company does things fans want Fans are happy *Improbable!* But really, that's sweet...ha...sweet
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    Percentage of Women in Game Development Has Doubled

    Joke: "So it went from 1% to 2%?" ha ha ha OT: Neat
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    New Sunset Overdrive Video Takes a Swipe At Assassin's Creed Over Female Characters

    I like that message...self-expression is important, well done, Sunset
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    Ubisoft: DRM is Ineffective Against Piracy

    I'll be happy when you let me play all the Assassin's Creed games that are sitting in my Steam library, locked in unplayability because UPlay hates me (AC:2, Brotherhood, Revelations, and 3)
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    Team Fortress 2 15 Minute Short is a "Lead-Up to Update"

    It could be a reskin of the scout class then
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    Team Fortress 2 15 Minute Short is a "Lead-Up to Update"

    So, we might get to play Miss Pauling in the future?
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    Ubisoft: Straighter. Whiter. Duder.

    We have to be really sure that we understand the issue I'm not opposed
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    Stem Cell Meat Burgers Could Be Grown In Bioreactors

    Radical stuff I hope to one day eat burgers made of pure science
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    Online Study: Women are just as likley to be "misogynistic" as men online

    Study finds women are also assholes to other women ...Okay
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    "Appropriate" Phone Backgrounds

    I keep a picture of two women kissing as my background I like the picture and it helps convey my sexuality to any interested women who might spy it while I'm out...