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    Deep Silver Apologizes for Mutilated Dead Island Torso

    a decision was made to include a gruesome statue of a zombie torso, which was cut up like many of our fans had done to the undead enemies in the original Dead Island. I don't remember dismembering anyone and putting their torso on display in my living room in the first game. Maybe I just...
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    Poll: Can humour go too far? (potentially offensive image within)

    You mean Heil-arious? The thing about humor is that it's subjective. Any comment can cause offense if the recipient is sensitive enough and anything can be found funny if /b/ is to be believed. The example image for instance is in really poor taste, but is also really funny.
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    Doing research on smoking; Please answer my poll!

    1. M 2. 24 3. Europe, specifically Scotland - UK 4. No 5. N/a 6. N/a 7. I did for a short while but she left a bad taste in my mouth, I would always prefer a non-smoker 8. N/A 9. N/A 10. N/A 11. N/A 12. N/A
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    The other side of "Girls only date jerks"

    Hi nice to meet you, confidence without being a douche-bag is simply being a gentleman. But yeah, unfortunately confidence is so often douchebaggery these days that the only time people see it in people is when they're jerks. A lot of women I know in that situation don't realize there are...
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    Terraria Creator Confirms No New PC Content

    I bought the game for a buck-fiddy in a steam sale, so I could care less, played it for a few hours and thought it was alright. Shame that content developed by another studio for an other version of the game won't be coming to the version that has been declared to be getting no more...
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    MLP - Just doesn't make any sense...

    On a techie-er note, A multilink protocol is only really for bigger servers, if you're installing a LAN you only really need a cheap switch and some Ethernet cables TBH. (not rising to bait)
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    How to make money like a boss.

    A) Get a job you hippy B) Find a neice in a market and fill it (takes some investment) C) Date a wealthy but lonely older person (usually widowed) D) Find a rich "long lost aunt" E) Sell everything that isn't nailed down F) Turn to a life of crime G) Win the lottery This list is...
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    Name Game: The Never Ending Game

    I'm enjoying watching my roomate play this too, and we had pretty much the same reaction when we first saw that guy. Figured it was some kinda encounter and then he started talking... Really weird bloody game.
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    Next Bond film to be called "Skyfall". Will Bethesda sue?

    I should totally produce a quick "The Ancient Rolled Parchment" game. I just wanna fit in.
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    Poll: No Shave November

    It's been 3 days and you've caved. Damn man, having said that the guy a few desks down from me has a beard ilke a viking so I suppose work woun't pressure me about it.
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    Anyone got any funny D&D stories?

    This is hardly the forum to be embarassed about our gaming habits. Two brief stories that come to mind are the time our cleric died during character creation. (Back in 2nd ED preists get 1D6+con and he took points out con for a -1 bonus.(thinking wis was more important)) He then rolled a 1...
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    Kim Kardashian filing for divorce after 72 days...seriously?

    Sorry... Who is divorcing who and why should we care?
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    Why do girls dress up as cats for Halloween?

    Because it's easy as fuck and takes pretty much 0 thought to pull off. I posit the same question about The Joker. Particularly the Heath Ledger version. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many guys dress as him now, why?
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    Poll: Students launch a poster campaign against racist costume

    Actually this is the main reason that I would say that that costume is in bad taste. If they were to just wear the outfit and say that they were an arab or an oil baron or something, then yes, that is a little racist but quite funny. and people get on with it. It's kinda like dressing up as a...
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    Here you go, thank me later.