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    253: Physician, Gank Thyself

    My goodness! That's me in a nutshell.
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    GLaDOS Helps Test Subject Propose to His Companion Cube

    My goodness! This blows me away! This has forced me to rethink my proposal strategy! And to think I'm seeing this when I just bought the ring today!
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    Microsoft Making Waves With Tile-Based Interface in Windows 8

    Looks like a gimmick to me. Have u ever tried using a program like 3d studio Max on a touch screen interface?
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    Escape to the Movies: Sucker Punch

    Ok....let me say this first: I went to watch this movie without seeing or hearing any reviews or critics opinion on it, so I had no bias for or against it or any predisposition to hate or love it. I came out of the cinema hall feeling like I'd been sucker punched! WTF!? In all Honesty, I...
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    BioWare Could Move Away from Fantasy and Sci-Fi

    My sentiments exactly
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    First Habitable Planet Confirmed by French Scientists

    A distance of 20 light years is quite a big deal. We are not even space-faring yet: we step out for a few moments and run back to mother Earth. But seriously, its an exciting prospect finding a planet that can sustain life. I strongly believe that in less than a century from now, we would have...
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    They say this game sucks... but I LOVE IT!

    Two Worlds II: an underrated gem
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    societal conventions you hate

    Facebook! Taxes. Entitled Idiots. Politicians. Having to respect the opinion of old people just because their old, even though said person may be incorrigible, illogical, unreasonable, petty and a rude douche-bag.
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    Sigh, another sleepless night.

    Lay on your bed and try to stay awake. Works all the time.
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    Games you wish had never been made

    Well, I'd say FIFA for PC from 09 onwards.
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    Trailers: The Witcher 2: Living World

    Looking good. I got myself the Original Witcher: Enhanced Edition and I must say, after a few teething problems, it got really good. Good RPG. They are smart to release this one before Skyrim tho. ;)
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    Hitman Absolution Confirmed

    YEEESSSSSS!!!!!! I never thought I would see another Hitman again! Its about bloody time! I've played every single one and I have fond memories of them.
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    PC Games of the Ages.

    Hmmm..lets see. Here goes Doom Need for speed II NFS:Porsche Unleashed A jet fighter simulation game, cant remember the name. F14? Age of Mythology Commandos (spent ages playing that game!) Tomb Raider Thief Black and White GTA 3 (that game changed my perception about what was possible...
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    No "Meaningless Stat Games" in Mass Effect 3

    "BioWare announced yesterday that Mass Effect 3 has been pushed back from its planned launch target at the end of 2011 so that it can be tweaked to appeal to as wide a market as possible." Yup, Mass Effect has just officially ceased to be an RPG. If you are going to piss on us, Bioware, at...
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    The Dumbification of Gaming

    Exactly. And the way they rate the loot you pick up left me gasping for air in disbelief! You gotta be kidding me...seriously?! " Ooooo...I just picked up two magic staffs and I don't know which one is better, I don't have time to look at the stats and decide, I just wanna kill stuff. Oh, ok...