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    Would you upgrade? (980ti to 1080)

    I went from a 980 to a 1080ti, though I also went from 1080 60hz to 1440p 144hz, so I wanted the extra horsepower. I'd either go for a 1080ti, or wait for the next gen GPU's.
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    will you play Quake Champions beta???

    I played the closed beta a few times during the weekend a week or two ago. It's okay, but nothing amazing or anything. game feels a tad bit slower than previous Quake games. The Champion powers also feel a bit lacklustre for some and op for others. Starting round machineguns should be buffed I...
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    SquareEnix ditch IO Interactive after "extrodinary loss"=

    Selling Hitman in pieces and any other game through the same model, probably wasn't the best idea. I know I didn't buy the new Hitman because they chose that model.
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    Poll: What's your primary gaming platform?

    Primarily PC with a 3DS on the side. I used to game mostly on my 360 last gen but moved over to PC fully around late 2012.
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    Escapist Podcast: 177: What Happened To Local Co-op?

    Local co-op died because online paid subs benefitted 2 of the big 3 more and devs just practically stopped supporting PC local co-op and even LAN in most cases, now Nintendo and a small handful of devs still use local co-op but I can't see everyone supporting it again en masse.
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    The Witcher 3 Gets Five-Minute Gameplay Trailer

    Can't wait to grab this and see how my PC handles it. Shame about the thread though, it shows how downtordden the ES has come to, I mean this is a thread with Witcher 3 gameplay and the majority is squawking too much about the line of Racism/Sex and suddenly it's like I've entered Tumblr all...
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    Witcher 3 announces 2 (paid) Expansion Packs before release of main game

    Whatever happened to planning after the game was released or at the very least keeping quiet about your current planning so you don't scare off or annoy your customers. The paid content doesn't really scream expansion like the old days where expansions were actual expansions that had hours...
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    YouTuber Angry Joe Says He's Done Reviewing Nintendo Games

    I've learned something today from most of this and Joe's bitching (I watch and like his show btw so get the hell off my back for starters). People who make promsies, that something is guaranteed to happen but won't eat crow or admit they were wrong and put a stake in to suffer for being wrong...
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    Do you think Rockstar should charge full price for GTA V when it gets released on PC?

    pretty much this. I'm not really swayed by the delays, the "here's some high def screenshots guys, we're super comitted to PC gaming for reals!" and the textures in 4k look muddy as hell, the 60 fps trailer was treating PC gamers like complete tards in my eyes since 60fps has been an expected...
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    Heroes of the Storm Update Adds Sylvanas, New Map

    I'm all for a new map and character but do we really need another "collect X to summon Y" type maps, every time I always get stuck with a team that can do bad at kills but can collect what the map needs and sometimes we can win the game but no matter how much they kill and do not collect what...
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    What PC sandbox games allow players to create and evil empire or destroy the world?

    I'd probably say the closest would be Planetary Annihilation since you can build and fortify an empire with your base, occupy multiple planets and control the sky,sea,land and space of the planets along with being able to smash moons into them and even use a giant death star like planet laser on...
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    Great Old Games you want to play but feels too dated?

    I remember how amazing Supreme Commander's graphics looked back in the day, I recently played Roged alliance with a friend a few days ago and I realised when I zoomed in to see my units how muddy the graphics in general looked, that series has not aged well at all, I don't mind Red Alert 3's...
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    Steam is now Regionally restricted

    And they still don't have a decent refund policy than EA let alone customer service, they still price games around the world as £25-$25-25Euros, it's just bloody stupid, the region gifting restrictions annoy the hell out of me ebcause I've got friends all around the world, since this is to...
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    Terraria: Otherworld Announced - a New Title in The Terraria Universe

    I like both terraria and Starbound since terarria has a nice focus on fantasy on a single plain while Starbound has you going from planet to planet which I really dig and love along with both games having nice soundtrack but Starbound lacks in updates, content and depth that terraria has been...
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    Uh Oh, Sony Abandons The Last Guardian's Trademark

    Since I don't really have a PS4 to begin with I can't say I was ever hyped let alone feel some sort of loss, it;s basically Sony's version of Half Life 3 anyway and we know that won't live up to the hype that's been getting for years now. it's time to let it go.