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    Things that aren't pirated, and that's surprising.

    My friend was ready to shell out $300+ for his textbooks for the quarter, and realized, he can just buy a Kindle for $140 and download all his books for cheap. When you get your books for about $1 each, illegally downloading them just seems like an unnecessary hassle.
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    Which upcoming game has got you excited?

    Starcraft 2, which at this rate, seems like it'll come out around December 21, 2012. And it will be so awesome, the world will implode in on itself from the sheer magnitude of how amazing it is. That's probably the most plausible doomsday theory.
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    Best/Worst Final Fantasy minigames?

    Best: Chocobo Racing Worst: the shooting minigame in ffx-2. Atrocious controls make it nearly impossible.
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    What do imagine the banhammer to look like? The Eternal Moderator and his banhammer.
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    Bosses/Enemies/Puzzles that Made You Want to Stab Your Screen

    That first part of wind waker where you have to sneak through the fortress. Trying to avoid those damn pigs while in a barrel is annoying enough, but try doing it when random rats are allowed to fling themselves straight in your direction and shatter your barrel at random moments...
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    Difficult "Kiddie" Games

    This. Some of the dungeons are outrageously time-consuming, and I wouldn't be surprised if they expected you to suspend your game about 3 times. It's the whole "dying on the boss-reset from the start" thing that makes you tear your hair out.
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    New CastleVania & SOTN HAAATTTEEE

    I love every castlevania game i played (yes, even the 64 one, being the first that i played and having gotten me into the series, though on the 64 i really only play legacy of darkness anymore), and I'm sure this one will be pretty good too. 'Course, I'm a huge metroid fan too, so i suppose that...
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    Poll: Dante's Inferno or Bioshock 2

    Bioshock 2. I've been waiting for that since beating bioshock 1, and i havent read anything about/dont care about dante's inferno. EDIT: and if you enjoyed the demo for dante's inferno, get the god of war 1+2 pack for ps3
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    An apocalipse you could survive no problem

    I would probably survive the kind of apocalypse that happens on a different planet. Or one that involves playing bioshock or dying. Hooray for natural selection!
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    If you were your Escapist Avatar...

    I'd be standing right behind you.... With a psi blade to your throat.
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    World of Warcraft Gets Microtransaction Pets, Players Freak Out

    It just attacks random critters, like rats and spiders. Now, if it would attack other people's companion pets, then we'd have something to talk about. But all this is doing is making it so Blizzard is making the money off the out-of-game sold pets. It's not that big a deal, and it's not going to...
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    When was the last time you had a civilized political/religious discussion?

    I have a friend who is a rare gem, as he is a fairly devout christian, and yet he is not only able to argue his side on political things without letting his religion cloud his judgement or common sense, and is able to accept other's ideas on the subject. I was able to convince him to vote no on...
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    Is Blizzard racist? Or was it an unknown mistake?

    This. I've seen the word "worg" used to refer to wolf in several stories and video games. and adding the "en" suffix just makes them seem like the population, not the creature. So no, its not racist.
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    Why is Pokemon frowned apon?

    I still like pokemon because, unlike lots of other people, i dont see it as the fad, i dont see it alongside all the crappy spin-offs and sell-outs its done, i see it as what it is: a decent RPG with crazy-huge replay value.
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    Pokemon SS/HG

    Finally, a way to get my beloved Ho-oh in the new generation WITHOUT jumping through aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll the hoops in Pokemon Colesseum. Pokemon XD had the right idea...