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    If you could separate one work from its creator, what would it be?

    the Warhammer mythos. It was good before GW changed how the Ork ships worked from "It works because they think it should" to "psychic-psychic-bendy-spoons"
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    Feed Dump: Commentary All Stars

    Yay, Morgan's back out of the cornfield for a whole episode of Feed Dump. I guess hes probably back in the cornfield by now.
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    (Alleged) Pros at Cons

    I would go to an LRR panel TO play Magic, odds are if your the only one there someone on LRR wont mind having a game. Also thanks to Graham's story i now am coming up with new and impressive ways to club people
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    Pokemon choice

    This. All of this.
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    The last song you listened to is now your country's national anthem.

    Best national anthem ever. The LRR theme song.
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    Study: Don't Use Wi-Fi Near Your Junk

    Does nobody think that maybe it may have to do with the fact that they apparently had the container UNDERNEATH the laptop?
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    Taking bansturbation to a new level of stupid

    lol looks like Mudcra B agrees with this
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    Elder scrolls religion

    a combination of worshipping Talos and Sheogorath
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    If Bethesda makes another Elder Scrolls where would you want it to be?

    Summerset Isles, the home of the Aldmeri Dominion
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    Skyrim... what do people see in it that I don't?

    Sorry i just felt the need to call this out, is best game of all time less important then GOTY?
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    So what are your top 3 games this year.

    1) The Elder Scrolls V: Skrim 2) Saints Row The Third 3) Deus Ex Human Revolution
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    Employees Claim EB Canada is Dropping Preowned Sections

    So does that mean that all copies of a game are gonna be the same price wether used or new? Christ i might just shift to buying my games from if that shit happens.
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    Spike VGA's Are Absolutely Irrelevant

    I view them as irrelevant because it happens in December, that would be like the Oscars occuring at the start of December and your film doesnt come out till christmas, you try to get into the 2012 ones but WHOOPS YOUR FILM CAME OUT IN 2011 YOU CANT. Also that Red Dead Redemption is apparantely...
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    PETA Asks Texas Town to Change Its Name

    Further fuel to my "PETA is a bunch of morons" fire. My stance on things like being a vegetarian is if we werent meant to eat meat then we would find things like iron in salad.
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    Civilization IV Lets Play

    Anyone who wants to have input on this LP regarding my Civilization choice will need to make there suggestion by Friday night because i intend to start playing this on Saturday