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    Fallout 4 Eliminates Skills From Character System

    When the "indepth" players are numerous enough to support a AAA game by themselves.
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    Poll: Skyrim: Empire or Stormcloaks?

    I go stormcloak. Always. 1)They are probably the least racist. Windhelm has the largest dark elf population in the game, and the only mistreatment they get is from a pair of drunks. This level of tolerance is incredible considering the majority of dark elves are slavers, as bigoted as the...
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    Destiny: Loot Plot

    This gives an insight into the Devs' priorities: They nerf the cave immediately while saying they will fix the drop rates at some unnamed time. Or translated from Dev speak to layman terms: "We couldn't be bothered to fill the game with actual content, so until we get around to that we want...
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    The Colbert Retort

    I completely agree with you except on your interpretation of that last quote, it is entirely possible that poster meant the "social justice warriors" when s/he used the phrase "these people".
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    The Colbert Retort

    I think Bob is referring to the people who are probably not Colbert fans but have attacked Park and CancelColbert with actual sexist and racist comments. [edit]- I agree that she seems pretty racist.
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    The Colbert Retort

    Except it isn't Colbert's words the racists are backing, it is the words of Park they are attacking. The racists don't care about defending Colbert, who would probably make fun of them, they care about opposing people like Park. This misunderstanding just gave both sides an excuse to do what...
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    Game of Thrones: Who is the real villain?

    The Lannisters are worse: BOOK SPOILERS The worst part of it is that people are giving Jaime a pass on all the terrible crap he has done. The only thing he does to make up for any of it is realize that he is a terrible person and feel bad about some of it.
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    What do you want Half-Life 3 to be?

    One word: finished. I want to play it.
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    Eye-rolling-ly Stupid Deaths in Games

    The deaths of most of the squad members in Halo: Reach. As for stupid deaths I had control over: in Skyrim I played a mage who did his level best to avoid being hit by any attack, this meant a lot of backwards running. One time I ran backwards into a giant, then ran backwards from him into a...
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    Arkham Horror,

    Unless the Ancient One is that angry cloud, then its awakening is game over.
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    One Last look at Mass Effect 3.

    The limit isn't arbitrary, though it is subjective. Most works of fiction have a plot hole or two, but such few flaws can be overlooked, unnoticed, and ignored. But as the number of plot holes increases the ability of anyone to understand the plot diminishes. As soon as this lack of...
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    One Last look at Mass Effect 3.

    I apologize, I lumped your argument together with Maze1125's, where he claims the ending isn't objectively bad because there could be an alien culture that loves plot holes. Having a plot hole does make a story flawed, having a dozen makes it bad.
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    One Last look at Mass Effect 3.

    And until you provide an example of a real culture that would not consider a plot hole "bad" then we can only go on what human cultures view plot holes as. Considering Mass Effect 3 was made for humans with the target audience being people of western culture by people of western culture who...
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    One Last look at Mass Effect 3.

    I think the main reason the Indoctrination Theory was somewhat believable is because of the Destroy ending where Shepard survives. This ending as well as the other two were changed in the extended cut(so much for artistic integrity) to make things seem less grim for the survivors of the...
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    Do I suck at XCOM?

    Except you can't use the Arc Thrower in conjunction with Run and Gun.