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    Gearbox Announces New Publishing Label Whose First Title is Bulletstorm Remaster

    So when Gearbox isn't ruining Duke in his own game, they're trotting him out as a pre-order bonus in another game. Can't say I'm too surprised. At the very least this version of the game won't be locked behind GFWL. On a side note, I find it pretty amusing that they announced the preorder...
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    That New Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie Has Made Good Money in Japan

    I never much liked any of the original Yu-Gi-Oh animes (Toei, DM, DM dub) compared to the manga. However, given that this movie supposedly takes place in the same continuity of the manga rather than the DM anime, I'm a bit more optimistic about this movie.
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    No Man's Sky Update Adds Base-Building, Survival Mode, and More

    Wait, so they're adding base building to a game where the goal is the constantly travel from planet to planet so you can reach the center of the galaxy then get warped into a new galaxy? What's the point of even building a stationary base in a game where you're constantly on the move? I think...
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    Report: Marvel vs. Capcom 4 Due Out in 2017

    As much as I'd like a new Mahvel, I don't trust Modern Capcom or Modern Marvel to do the series justice individually, let alone if they were to partner up for it.
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    Ubisoft Will no Longer Sell DLC That Affects The "Full Game Experience"

    You misunderstand. The reason why I'm complaining about game makers fleecing content from games and selling it back to you is because they haven't made the base game cheaper and are charging you for content that's already part of the game. Unlockable cosmetics used to be a thing earned in games...
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    Ubisoft Will no Longer Sell DLC That Affects The "Full Game Experience"

    Divorce the actual contents of a game that the player interacts with from the story and characters that dress it up. This is what I'm getting at - it's all essentially cosmetic at a mechanical level.
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    Ubisoft Will no Longer Sell DLC That Affects The "Full Game Experience"

    Re-read what I wrote. I suggested shipping the game with the campaign and actual gameplay elements but only without the story that dresses up that gameplay. I mean does the antagonist's motivations or the romance between two characters actually matter to the game's mechanics and content? More...
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    Ubisoft Will no Longer Sell DLC That Affects The "Full Game Experience"

    It's not the same. Cosmetics may not be a part of your experience, but they clearly are a big part of other's experience given the widespread love for character customization and other graphical changes through costumes, mods, etc. While I personally find more enjoyment through a game's...
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    #160: This

    Hm, I seem to recall Erin previously drinking a lot of that stuff. That can't be good. So next issue is going to see Rad versus Crystal Monster Gunny, Zombified Erin, and not-Sephiroth?. I'm sure he'll be fine.
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    Nominees Revealed for The Game Awards

    Did I suffer I minor stroke and miss out on something big, because I never heard of Inside and have no idea why it's been nominated for a GOTY award. Speaking of GOTY nominees, why are 3 out of the 5 FPS games? I know that most big-budget releases are shooters, but couldn't they diversify...
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    The First Game in the Wargaming, Sega Partnership Will Be Total War: Arena

    That's never a good phrase to hear. Guess we'll have to wait and what it has to offer, but given the past efforts of other established franchises/creators trying to hop onto the MOBA bandwagon (where even Blizzard floundered a fair bit), I'm not sure this will be the successful spin-off...
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    Super Mario Run Price, Release Date Revealed

    Selling a simple runner game for $10? I know Nintendo likes to put a lot of value in their properties but can they really justify selling something like this when the competition on the platform sells for $1 to $2, some even free? Or are they banking on the audience for the premium mobile game...
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    Report: Zelda: Breath of the Wild Will Not Launch With Nintendo Switch

    That's disheartening. If they don't have a good lineup for the Switch at launch it may just turn out to be a fizzle instead of a bang. Of course if they can instead provide a steady flow of games months after the console launch, that could prove more successful. One of the biggest mistakes of...
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    NES Classic Struggles With Supply, Out of Stock Almost Everywhere

    Dang. I've never heard of people this excited over another crappy little plug-n-play device.
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    Arkane is Investigating Complaints About Dishonored 2 PC Performance

    I mused in the thread about Dish-ono-red 2 going gold that with how little time there was between its completion and release that it may have been subject to rushed development, including lackluster testing. Not saying it was a hard call to make - this is the same company that approves all of...