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    Jimquisition: Scare Tactics

    I don't think it's jump scares that people have a problem with. It's the over use of jump scares that annoy people. Yes a jump scare can work, but not if you've used a dozen of them in the past minute. Use them too often and it starts to feel like clay bird shooting but with monsters.
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    EA Wants "To Be 90 Plus Metacritic at Everything"

    I kinda just wish that EA would come out one day and say "Yeah, we're jerks. What're you gonna do about it? Now buy new versions of our games that you already own or we're going to burn down your mothers house."
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    Internet Petition Demands Dark Souls Drop GFWL

    I can't help but feel that Namco has been lied to about how good GFWL really is. I mean, they are a Japanise company, how are they ment to know what we prefer over here?
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    Weeping Infant Killed For Disturbing Dad's Gaming

    Reproduction is not a right, it's a privlige. Now if only people would learn that.
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    "Get back to your own countries!" Says illiterate woman on tram O_o

    I know this is going to reflect poorly on me, but... This is why I think people should have to earn the right to free speach.
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    Why don't YOU have Skyrim?

    Waiting for the price to come down. I can wait a few months to play Skyrim if it means paying $50 instead of $100 or more.
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    Critical Miss: The Douche King

    Maybe that's why I have little to no disdain for apple products. I've only ever seen one add for Apple and that was when I went looking for it.
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    Australian Attorney General Calls For Violent Videogame Ban

    I know one man who dosen't watch late night SBS. Some of the things I've seen on SBS is much worse then GTA.
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    Then all of a sudden...

    Piss myself, assume the fetal position and weep.
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    Don't Expect Friendly Dragons in Skyrim, Says Bethesda

    While I'm not surprised that I can't befriend dragons, I am a little dissapointed that this probably means I can't dominate them either.
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    Do you find incest wrong?

    So long as it's not shoved in my face, it don't bother me.
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    Guys: What do you think it means to be a man?

    Amazing facial hair.
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    Poll: would you die for your country?

    Nope. It would be un-Australian for me to die for my country, and in Australia, nothing is worse then being un-Australian. Dieing for your mates, now that's a different story.
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    How do you envision the future?

    I will become a god and rule this pathetic planet with an iron fist. (Insert manic laughter)