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    Internet Nostalgia

    In 2001 we got our first computer and dial up. I can't remember when we got high-speed, but when we did. I probably did a pelvic thrust of great justice.
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    Why do people dislike meat loaf?

    I don't recall eating meat loaf exactly, but I love the singer. I love listening to the "Bat out of Hell" album. Fucking great.
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    What music do you want played at your funeral?

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd.
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    Your personal demons...

    I'm a paranoid person, I keep coming up with theories of what people could be doing behind my back, if people hate me or not and they're just hiding it.
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    Poll: Favorite band instrument

    I play drums actually. Love them.
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    The Force Unleashed 2: Pass or Fail

    Oh, sorry. Did I just push you off a fucking cliff with THE FUCKING FORCE? Yeah, I'm going to get it.
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    Poll: 'Haxor!' What Are The Cheapest Weapons and Tactics in Online Videogames?

    I find nothing cheap, if I get killed it's a kill. It doesn't matter how I got killed. I may complain but in the end I don't really care. I'm sort of a camper myself. Stick to a position, kill someone, they go there again, but you move to a different area in the room and kill them again. Did...
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    what will happen to your body after death?

    Before I die, I would request that a viking ship be built for me, then when I die I would be put on it, sent out to water and set it on fire.
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    Poll: What Video Card do you own?

    Nvidia Geforce GTX 285. When we got the comp upgraded I looked at this beast. And I like jizzed my pants. Seriously.
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    Poll: What is your opinion on the Metal Gear Solid storylines?

    MGS4 made me wat. But I loved it.
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    Poll: The Coolest/Deadliest Warrior

    Vikings and Spartans, completely BAD. ASS. GUYS.
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    Reverse sexism?

    It's not reverse sexism, sexism is in a whole, both MALE and FEMALE.
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    I Made A Game With Zombies in it.

    How does like no one know of this game? It's a twin stick shooter, has zombies in it, has the BEST SOUNDTRACK TO A GAME EVER. Also has more zombies. And it's available for an awesomely priced 80 Microsoft points.
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    How do you calm down?

    When I get angry I say to myself "Dude, shut the fuck up. This is pointless."
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    What is your favorite console controller of all time?

    The 360 controller, Perfect size for my hands. Nice and smooth. LOVE IT.