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    X-Men - Apocalypse - It's the End of the World as We Know It

    Eh, I found it enjoyable enough. The first half of the movie was dumb though. Really dumb. It jumped around so much I never had a chance to feel invested in anything. Something happened, lets digest it for a bit and oh wait somethings happening over here! This new thing is super exciting and...
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    Play of the Game

    Except it really isn't. If the enemy has a Pharah I regularly tell someone to switch to 76 or Widowmaker if someone is good at her since Pharah gets hosed by them. If the enemy team goes heavy tank comp I'll ask people to switch to Mccree or Reaper to wipe them out. If they have a...
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    Battleborn Sales "Tracking Just Ahead" of Borderlands

    There's a couple important qualifiers there. They're comparing Battleborn sales to Borderlands 1 launch sales. Borderlands sold around 2 million in the first 2 months of its launch, which aren't too shabby, however there's no doubt in my mind they were hoping for something closer to...
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    Borderlands 3 Confirmed at PAX East

    Not sure why you thought TPS was more of the same but slightly worse when it quite literally improved on nearly every little thing from BL2. Guns of the day were actually useful and could roll legendaries. Loot drops were actually rewarding more often and you didn't need to spend hours...
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    It's Official - The Animated Film Adaptation of The Killing Joke is Rated R

    I've thought this myself. Flashpoint Paradox is violent as fuck and its not afraid to show how incredibly violent it is. The closest it gets to shying away from the violence is not directly showing the Shazam kids being violently slaughtered, but you still hear it. What the hell could The...
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    Netflix admits it throttles Verizon and AT&T customers

    Yeah its kind a dick move on Netflix part, but honestly I kind of get the logic. People are really really dumb and Verizon is really really bad when it comes to going over your cap. The charges are ridiculous and it gives you fuck all warning if you're about to go over. Plus people are...
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    Two Worlds III Development Announced

    How the flip does Two Worlds get a third (THIRD!) game when we haven't had a Beyond Good and Evil 2 yet, or all the other games that we've never gotten a sequel for?
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    Why I'm Loving The Dark Knight III

    Question before I hop into this because its a Frank Miller book and I'd rather not deal with that shit a second time. How often does he refer to woman as whores and are there any women that aren't whores in this? Cause that shit got annoying really fast.
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    Overwatch Will Have Hearthstone-Style Weekly Brawls

    Its kind of interesting in that regard. At the moment they're only using the current rules you can make in custom games, which somewhat limits them. They have said they plan to eventually expand it to allow things that you can't just make on your own in custom games, but no eta on when that'll...
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    Huge Heroes of The Storm Patch Adds New Map, Hero, Reworks And More

    You can basically make the same builds you used to on Sylvanas though, they're just better. The only talent that is significantly worse is the one that makes Shadow Dagger targets vulnerable since it no longer spreads the vulnerable debuff, which was ridiculous anyway btw. Other than that, a...
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    Watch - Overwatch's First Animated Short Tells The Story of Winston

    Baby Winston is so damn cute. Now I'm curious if the Scientist man gave him the name Winston or if he took the name Winston after whatever...probably horribly unfortunate thing happened to the original Winston. Also there was something amazing to me about the fight between Winston and...
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    Mouse Suggestion Thread

    I've had a lot of mice over the years and honestly the Deathadder is my favorite if only because its literally the most comfortable mouse I've ever owned. The button layout is perfect, there's none of that extra fluff that serves to annoy me more than be helpful, and it fits my hand absolutely...
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    Carl's Jr. CEO Readies Robot Workforce to Counter Rising Wages

    You've obviously never seen the effects of a guaranteed wage if you seem to think that it just leads to people sitting around doing nothing. A guaranteed wage gives people stability to actually do things. They can go to college without worrying about being able to make rent. If they have a...
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    Zootopia - If Animals Can Overcome Racism and Sexism, Why Can't We?

    Late to this party, but I wanted to point out something you might have missed. Zootopia is amazing for moments like that. A lesser movie would really purposely drive that point home in an annoying and obnoxious manner. Zootopia allows you to coast to it, following a logical course of...
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    8 Kickass Girls in Anime

    I have trouble believing any women from Soul Eater can be on that list. Granted I only made it like...4 episodes in, but every women was horrible in that show and treated horribly to boot. Most of them were literal weapons. Not cool weapons like Mercy in Young Justice (walking cyborgs yo!), but...