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    Playlist for a Roadtrip

    Sounds pretty great to me! The last time I road-tripped I was mostly listening to Seikima II, Cradle of Filth and, Hizaki Grace. I think the next time I roll out on a long trip though I might just listen to an audio-book. Hey, if you can tolerate 'Engrish' and/or Japanese rock I'd highly...
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    We finally have some Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay!

    It looks alright. I don't know, I'm just not feeling very gripped by what I've seen here. It doesn't look bad by any stretch but I don't see why this needs to be an open world. I also don't see Night City as being a dystopia. My biggest pet peeve is how this is a real-time FPS that presents...
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    Can an indie game be a system seller?

    I want to say 'no' but frankly, I wouldn't have started playing games on PC if it wasn't for games like Mini-Metro or FTL. Then there are games like the Shantae series, Shovel Knight and, the like that keep me playing with my Switch in between larger releases.
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    Truly BAD Media You 'Should' Like:

    I felt this way about Halo 4 to be honest. Not just the story but the bullet-sponge enemies and the lazy design and just...I'm not going to get into it. --- Maybe it's a sign that I'm getting old or maybe it's a sign that I actually am sex-repulsed but Big Mouth just strikes me as being...
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    A Shoggy Look at Final Fantasy XV

    Final Fantasy XIII-Vs...shit...Final Fantasy XV then; Final Fantasy XV is the first major entry in the Final Fantasy series that has nothing to do with FInal Fantasy XIII although that?s assuming you ignore the history of this game's production. It originally launched for the PS4 and Xbone in...
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    Square Enix Teams Up With People Can Fly for an Unnamed Project

    This can only mean one thing: Dirge of Cerberus 2: Gothic Boogaloo.
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    Why didn't people go see "Fantastic Beasts"?

    I didn't go to see this movie because I'm upset that it was an aciton-adventure sort of movie that just happened to feature the titular fantastic beasts. I've said from the very first announcement that this movie should have been a Planet Earth/Walking with Dinosaurs/March of the Penguins style...
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    Poll: James Wan To Produce Resident Evil Film Reboot

    That exactly fits the tone of the DLC based on what I've seen and played.
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    Poll: James Wan To Produce Resident Evil Film Reboot

    I guess if he's directing and they give him a shoestring budget, he could potentially make a Resident Evil movie that feels more like a Saw or Paranormal Activity and emulates the most recent game in the series. Part of what made the original Saw so great was how little they had to work with so...
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    The Time had create our OC in the new Sonic Game!!!!

    I haven't made a Shog the Hedgehog or Shog Prower back in my school days but I'm kinda curious about doing it now that it's going to be a gameplay option in Forces. It's kind of a shame I can't make a crocodile, a chameleon or a Bee and I hope I can change how fat the character can be but if not...
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    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    I really liked Brave and the Bold too but I didn't watch too much of it for whatever reason. I just don't really watch much TV I guess...I liked Batman's voice and I liked how the series shown a spotlight on lesser-known heroes and heroines.
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    Favourite Game Marketing Campaigns (Good or Bad)

    This one speaks to me on a personal level because I'm the kind of person whose done exactly this before...well, not exactly this...It was Yoshi's Woolly World and she was hogtied and...oh shit, is this TMI? I also really liked this one:
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    Streamlining that you agree with

    From Skyward Sword to Breath of the Wild, I really like how you can upgrade your stamina meter and eat food/drink potions that further augment your stamina. Yeah, Skyward Sword had those green stamina flowers that refill stamina if you find them but Breath of the Wild just does Stamina much...
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    Favorite Video Game Weapons?

    In both Doom and Doom 2 the basic shotgun is a favorite of mine. I like the Super Shotgun but I hate reloading after each shot. The vanilla shotty though is almost always useful, you almost always have ammo for it and it is just really fun to use. As bad as I am in Starcraft, I love playing...
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    There's Apparently Another Thief Game in the Works that Will Release Alongside the Movie

    ...So the game from what, 3 years ago did so poorly they're going to reboot the thing again? Oh well, I love a good train-wreck as much as the next person but hopefully the upcoming Thief game (heh, series) doesn't try making the protagonist into a broody, humorless, father figure again. Just...