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    8 Buggy Games that We Still Loved

    "Simpsons: Hit and Run" Seriously that game was outright broken sometimes (especially if you entered in the cheat codes) but breaking the game was half the fun sometimes, and it was still awesome when it worked.
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    Pre-Batman Series Gotham Finds its Gordon

    After hearing that Bryan Cranston was not playing Lex Luthor I thought they were gonna cast him here as Gordon. Oh well he could always play a villain or something. Maybe Heisenberg moves up to Gotham?
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    Your curse when playing a game

    Anytime there is a helicopter in a game from real experience all I think is, "Nope nobody should hear anything now" This especially annoyed me in the COD games.
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    What VideoGame Characters Do You Share The Same First Name With?

    Harry Mason from Silent Hill. Well I'm screwed now. (Or Pitfall Harry which is a bit better)
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    Movies you are looking forward to

    Ant-Man but only because Edgar Wright is directing it.
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    Gaming crossovers; which would you propose?

    Star Fox and Metroid. Really why not? They could work perfectly together.
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    Best Batman Movie

    Mine would be "Under the Red Hood' I love the ending confrontation and its really dark opening.
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    Describe a scene in one sentence out of context

    Naked Christian Bale with a chainsaw.
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    What is your favorite james bond movie?

    Probably Casino Royale as I really liked Daniel Craig as Bond and their new darker style of the character and story.
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    Good downloadable Pc games.

    Magicka, Alien Swarm (its free), both L4D, TF2 obviously. Or just go look up some flash games those can be fun too.
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    Films and Games, what should happen?

    I would like to see a TV series set in the Fallout Universe following a group of characters that travel all over North America, with each season being in a new region.
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    What do you want in the next fallout?

    It to be set in a place that's not the USA. I want to see a new perspective on the war and see how other countries look (EX the US is like the 50's) I would say Canada because then you could see how Canada was affected by the US take over, and then join either the US or the Canadian...
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    Maybe my fellow Escapists can help...

    Under the couch. My brother lost his ipod and a year later he found it under the couch.
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    Weirdest/Most Horrible Ways You've Been Woken Up.

    Waking up because my neighbors car exploded and was still on fire ten feet in front of my window.
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    Poll: Favorite Hour-long TV Show

    Flashpoint. Its a show about the Toronto SRU (Strategic Response Unit) which is pretty much the Canadian SWAT team. Its a really great show its free online as a bonus. Season 4 is just starting.