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    Why is Your Hair the Way it is?

    I am male, my hair colour is a mix of chocolate brown, purple, red and black and just reaches my shoulders. I've always liked my hair at longer lengths, I've found that if it's short I just end up looking like Ernie from Sesame St.
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    Your Gaming Roots

    Started playing DOOM2 When I was 5 Moved onto Duke Nukem Shadow Warrior Hexen All these on PC Then I got my first SNES Super Mario - The Full Catalog Zelda - A Link To The Past Super Mario Kart Stopped for a while until I got my first PC and started playing very mainstream games...
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    Manly Tears

    Games: None Movies: Some, cbf naming them though Anime: Full Metal Alchemist. I'm proud of my manly tears.
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    Have you ever outsmarted your teacher?

    I did. but only with one teacher, in grade 10 and 11 my religion teacher had this weird way of looking at social issues and had a steadfast belief in god. So I challenged him on every point that he made about a certain issue and on some occasions, never gave me an answer because I was "Just a...
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    What makes you happy in sad times

    Usually just watching things on Weebls stuff or newgrounds, tends to make me laugh and take my mind off what ever is troubling me. At least for a few hours.
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    My pants ripped

    I've never had my pants rip before, so I can't really relate. Thought this is damn funny.
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    Worst week of your life

    This week had only just started for me and already its sucking more balls than a sentient hoover hooker fueled by meth, Nothing as bad (or awesome) as being kneed in the balls by a lumberjack, just emotional.
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    Who would you work for if you were a minion?

    And here I though I was the only one. Definatly the voice, though the plasmids help with this decision.
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    Poll: Which upcoming FPS are you most looking forward to?

    The new line up of FPS's really let me down, there is really nothing that I want to play there *cries* Time to break out the classics. KoTOR, Here I come =D Either that or I'll try to finish Ninja Gaiden.
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    Poll: A new age-thread

    19. Bacon Sammich. with BBQ sauce. Nothing can beat Bacon.. Ever.
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    Poll: Avatar - Who did you root for

    Does anyone here realise that Avatar is a remake of Pocahontas? an exact copy of the story. humans taking over a "barbaric and alien" race, does that not ring any bells to anyone? OT: Na'vi. Humans were just portrayed as gluttonous rabid animals. **afterthought** I wonder if Nintendo...
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    It's been 6 months...

    I started posting, a few really good posters got banned/left, ZP turned to hell.. and most importantly. Doomsday Arcade ended.
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    Why all the halo haters?

    Halo as a game was pretty good and hugely successful, thats why Msoft has started to use it as its own Mario. If there is something to do with The Gaming Portion of Microsoft, Then you can safely bet that you're going to see MasterChef right there next to it. IMO, It lost all credibility when...
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    Poll: 4chan works for good?

    Wow.. Half of you have no idea Almost. They FUCKING... LOVE... CATS. Also, 4chan is a website, the people of a particular board are to be thanked. the would be /b/. /b/ is, in every sense, Chaotically Neutral. 'The Lulz' was a photo of a Tomb stone the covered two plots with the names...
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    A Real Animal You Never Want to Meet

    Pretty much all I can say, would be the deadliest ones, outside of Australia. Hell, the ones here aren't that imposing... Okay, apart from the king Brown or a pissed off Bull Roo.