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    The Big Picture: Super Single

    Bob, I dare you to go the next three weeks without a comic book episode. The way you started this one even sarcastically admits that this is basically becoming what the show is about, which is sad, because there are so many other interesting, engaging things that you can talk about and have...
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    Drinking Games: Goldeneye 64 Proof

    The intro sequence is way too long. Needs to be 4 seconds max for something like this. Otherwise, I have little else to complain about.
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    Parked Car Run Over By Mayor In A Tank [Now With Video!]

    I hope people on here realize that that was probably a broken down car that was going to be crushed/recycled anyways and the "owner" was just a dude dressed up like a rich asshole to play the part. He wasn't even all that into the role. The whole point was to pull a publicity stunt by doing...
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    Most Playthroughs

    Probably Half-Life 2 with 4 playthroughs. That includes all episodes. I've done the same number of playthroughs with Modern Warfare, but that's only 1/4 of the time commitment. A lot of people have been saying Mass Effect and other Bioware games, but I find that Bioware games have very...
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    Your Opinion on Humanity.

    Any example of the physical material and laws of the universe manifesting as self-aware, replicating, rational life forms capable of observing and understanding the universe at all is pretty damn miraculous and it would be terribly sad to find humanity dead and gone, no matter what they had done.
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    Zero Punctuation: Alice: Madness Returns

    Yahtzee really really likes Human Centipede, doesn't he. He's referred to it somehow in pretty much every other video this year. This is something he should address at some point, I think.
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    Poll: Pokemon Vs Digimon

    As far as the shows go, Pokemon is far inferior to Digimon. As far as the games go, Pokemon is one of the best games ever and Digimon isn't worth mentioning. That probably has most to do with the fact that Pokemon started as a game and Digimon as a show, I think.
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    Extra Punctuation: Why Regenerating Health Sucks

    Yeah. I disagree with Yahtzee too. Health bars have certain advantages over regenerating health in how they reward skilled players by allowing them to enter each fight with more health than the game anticipated, but otherwise they're no longer relevant to action games. Regenerating health...
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    Tales from the Table: Pilot Episode

    Legitimately entertaining humor and good acting. This show has a lot more promise than most new shows on the Escapist. I'll keep an eye out for it.
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    Creature Caster Masters: It Begins

    The humor has some potential, but it's not living up to it right now. The main problem is that it seems as if the dialogue was written by one really uninspired and unoriginal writer. Get some more writers working on this.
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    What is your degree in?

    Getting a bachelor's double majoring in English Literature and Religion. Neither of those will get me a job, but I'm also a writing tutor at my university's writing center and the managing editor of my school's newspaper, so I'm planning on using those to get into editing and publishing.
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    Poll: Jade Empire 2

    The original had terrible combat, but it was Bioware's first game to have real-time combat. Bioware has been getting better at real-time with the Mass Effect games, but those were shooters whereas Jade Empire was more a brawler. If they can more effectively emulate brawlers and fighting games...
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    Escape to the Movies: No Strings Attached

    Sounds like a not-as-good version of 500 Days of Summer.
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    Show About Games Show: Kinectimals & Big Planets

    This totally redeemed the first episode. If it can keep this kind of quirky, imaginative ambition, it will quickly become one of my favorite shows on the internet.
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    Poll: Do you prefer gaming on your console or pc

    Consoles are cheaper and far less a hassle than gaming PCs, so I stick with consoles. I have some old school RTSs on my PC though.