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    Fallout 4 Mods are Now Live on Xbox One

    Mods I want: let me upgrade any set of clothing with ballistic cloth. Let me wear armor over all my clothes. Give me some not-junk wooden walls, and some not-junk carpets. That's really all I want. Maybe a few more weapons.
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    KABOOM! Navy Gets A Laser Gun, Starts Blowing Things Up

    In the full article I read a bit ago, they claimed that the weapon's effective range was out to the horizon, and that it took less than a tenth of a second to destroy a target, potentially allowing it to target and destroy dozens of targets in less than a second.
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    Escape to the Movies: Mockingjay, Part 1 - Best One Yet (Although A Little Thin)

    From my understanding of such things (that is, roughly 30 minutes of trying to find pictures of those aircraft cuz I liked the look of em, and trawling through the places they could be found... They aren't drones nor are they fighter aircraft. They're Hovercraft that are both larger and...
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    Fantastic Four Reboot's Doctor Doom Is a Russian Blogger?

    Adults are pretty much just teenagers, just more cynical. You only need to look at, well, anything political to learn this.
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    Custom-Made Iron Man Gauntlet Shoots a Real, Live Rocket

    There really isn't anything a rocket of this size can do, that a 40mm grenade doesn't already do. And those can be strapped to the bottom of any modern battle rifle.
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    High five brotha'. Combine that with a disdain of alcohol and vampiric aversion to sunlight, and you have me. Note: the aversion to sunlight is a result of my midnight job.
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    Destiny Review - World of Chorecraft

    Do you actually disagree with anything said in the review? I just stopped playing Destiny (mostly because my eyes were burning after a 6-hour session) and I can't disagree with anything here. My biggest gripe about the game is that its weapons kinda suck. The Automatic Rifle is a pile of...
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    PAX Scalpers Aren't the Villains You Think They Are

    Except, that's not the end of the story. I can't help but thing you didn't even bother reading the story. They buy tickets from people who still have time left, but who are done for the day - then sell them to people who would otherwise not be able to get into the convention. That's a bit...
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    Mid Bud

    One has a working kicrophone, but busted speakers. The other didnt have a mic.
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    Batman v Superman Director Zack Snyder Defends Aquaman

    They pretty much did: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It may as well be called "The Dawn of the Justice League". But since they are (rightfully) worried that nobody remembers the Justice League, they need to put their two major characters in the name for the star power.
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    Batman v Superman's Move Matters, But Not for the Reason You Think

    I know it's not your point. But there actually are Pink Lanterns. And Red Lanterns and Blue Lanterns, even Yellow Lanterns.
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    Foldable Robot Can Build Itself in 4 Minutes

    Psychological warfare. If you see a replicator kitten coming up, you'll be all "Awww. How cute". But if you see a replicator spider monster, you'll be all "AHH! Run!"
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    Free Dungeons & Dragons Supplement Offers Monsters And Spells

    They're supposed to be the spells that aren't in the free Basic pdf, but which are used in the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure. I haven't checked them all, but Barkskin and Animal Friendship are front and center - so basic Druid spells that aren't in the Basic set (which only has Cleric and...
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    Free Dungeons & Dragons Supplement Offers Monsters And Spells

    There was a limited release on the 8th, I don't know the specifics myself, but it's possible that the shop owner either was allowed to sell (possibly a few) books, or was confused by something. The full release is on the 19th. I suspect the limited release was to get the books in the hands of a...
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    Gale Force Nine Previews New D&D 5th Edition Accessories

    Two out of three groups I've been a part of don't bother with minis. Sometimes we use a map with dice to represent PCs and foes, but I've only got like a dozen minis - and they tend to be harder to find than otherwise. The other group that did use Minis, used minis passed down from their...