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    Okay...because I'd like the subject to be discussed somewhat respectfully...

    * No pornographic material You lost me there. Not really the wild west, more like the early east.
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    List your fictional role models!

    <- This guy, right here. I admire his focus and dedication, he's also a scary bastard, but wouldn't hurt someone just for the fun of it.
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    League of Legends Update Finally Stops 4 v 5 Games

    Seconding the 'replace the leaver / DC with a bot', because if someone quits five minutes in you're still screwed under this rework.
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    Poll: Should stories be praised for being progressive?

    And yet critics like SJW Bob claim that movies like the Alien Quadrilogy aren't progressive just because they have a strong female lead, because Ripley is just a person who is female (and to hell with Newt). There is literally no pleasing these people, so don't bother trying, just make the best...
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    does every anime character have no parents?

    The Pokeymanz and DGmanz both involve the parents, so did Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, and most other anime with younger protagonists from back when anime was good.
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    Am I Wrong to feel Vindicated by this 'Censorship'?

    It might not be 'censorship', but that argument is 'semantical bullshit', because one body of people is imposing what they think isn't right with a piece of art on others. It's too sexy! It's out of character! Think of the children! Where is her hajib?! I can see that woman's hair! That...
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    Report - The New Call of Duty Will Be Set in Space

    I don't play CoD, twitch shooters aren't my thing, but I have been following it off and on. This rumor fills me with mirth. Significant mirth. Braumix was playing in my head.
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    The Apparent Anti-Intellectualism of Gamer Culture

    Death threats? On the internet?! Say it isn't so! The Division is driven by it's loot. You have loot, do missions based on the loot, have cut scenes that lead you to loot, and for this reason if you criticize the game the wrong way, you are reviewing the game wrong. People can simply not...
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    The Apparent Anti-Intellectualism of Gamer Culture

    This shit again? 'problematic narration'? Of course this shit again. No molehill too small, eh? The Division isn't a deep game; it's not intended for a deep audience. This is the same shit we went through with GTA5 because it had whores, transvestites, ghetto rats, etc. Many of these were...
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    Escapist Podcast: 213: Is Ghostbusters Ruined?

    The trailer was as bad as trailers get, and the movie might be made worse for the ironic sexists who can't see past the genitals of the leading cast, and will defend it until their last breaths rather than letting it fade from our collective memories like Conan, Robocop, and others of their kind...
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    J.J. Abrams "Made a Mistake" With Leia in Force Awakens

    Hm, here I thought he was going to apologize for making her lose weight, and maybe for having white privilege.
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    Fans "Fix" Ghostbusters Trailer With Recut

    Start collecting Dragonballs; you're going to have to wish for eternal life, what with the wait that's in front of you. Or you could wish for a good Ghostbusters remake.
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    The First Ghostbusters Trailer Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

    That stupid grin on the library ghost's face put me right off, then a female anatomy joke because that's funny for the whole audience, then some filler, plot spoilers, laser traps and proton knuckles, and finally 'The power of pain compels you' because we don't want to trigger anybody by using...
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    I don't get it. Free Speech Under Threat At University? (Added Extra)

    Unless you can find examples of people like that being invited to universities I'm going to go ahead and assume these people aren't being invited to speak at universities in the first place, and your statement goes beyond hyperbole and is just nonsense.
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    Serious things you just can't take seriously

    First world equality movements. I blame Sargon Of Akkad, Thunderf00t, and that blond homosexual chap for making serious people talking about serious things look silly for cherry picking some of the sillier things they do and say. There's so much cherry-picking that I'm starting to think Black...