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    What If The Hobbit Was A Single Film? An Alternate Trailer Finds Out

    Excuse me for being presumptuous, I don't know how long it's been since you've seen the Rankin/Bass film, but I can assure you, it really does not live up to how one remembers it as a child. I'd rather watch all three of Peter Jackson's Hobbit films extended than sit through that again. OT...
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    Doctor Who Review: The Doctor's Going to Some Dark Places

    Was I the only one that thought Missy might be The Master (or Mistress in this case, which i would expect from Moffat)?
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    George R.R. Martin Pulling Back From Game of Thrones Season Five

    This further confirms my suspicions that Martin is going to have Winds of Winter released just before season 5 is, as many fans will rush to buy it (more so than usual) in case they believe that season 5 will spoil later events in the books. However, I think it would be optimistic for me to...
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    The Big Picture: E3-mageddon: Crossover

    In my opinion, you hit the nail on the head here. It seems most people disliked the video for it's style, but for those taking issue with the Anti-Thinker, it does seem a little bit like a bit of a backlash because of the possible reflection to their own mindset. But I could be wrong...
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    Massive Warhammer Festival More Than The Average LARP

    I could see that happening, but at the same time, I doubt GW would be that bad... I hope.
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    Massive Warhammer Festival More Than The Average LARP

    Yep, keep dividing the community! Good job, guy! OT: This looks awesome! Must organise something like this in Britain. Maybe some form of Albion LARP, with Firmirs and all!
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    Mediocrity Scrolls Online

    I've played Skyrim since release day on Xbox 360, and though I don't play it as often as I used to, I still play it, and it's still a fantastic game in my opinion. I know I'm not the only one amongst the people I know. It's got nothing to do with being mesmerised by hype, but actually enjoying a...
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    Trailers: Assassin's Creed: Unity - Teaser Trailer

    French Revolution, so most, if not all, of the action will take place in Paris, so the answer from me is Non.
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    Is this negative "nice guy" stereotype actually a thing?

    THISTHISTHISTHISTHISTHISTHIS I've known a few "nice guy" types, and they're awful, entitled, emotionally immature, manchildren. I think emotionally immature is the key problem with such people. Their insistence to treat women as a different species is also baffling. Also, we have to...
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    Poll: Am I disgusting for not paying for the first date?

    If you're going to offer to pay the bill, don't do it out of a sense of social pressure, do it because you're a nice person.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

    Which makes sense, seeing as it is based in the movie universe Peter Jackson created for the LOTR. If he made the Hobbit as a film first, it would definitely have been different. It makes sense that the Hobbit acts much more as a prequel, than a standalone set of films for Jackson. In the...
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    So "this" happened again.

    I've never been mugged, but I'd like to think I'm fairly street smart, and would be able to handle myself in such a situation. However, I know in some hostile situations, I get shaky as adrenaline starts pumping. I usually find steady breathing helps deal with this, as appearing shaky will...
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    First look at the new Amazing Spider-Man costume!

    I suppose it's a pretty accurate costume. But if the film is anything like the last one, which caused both my girlfriend and I to giggle uncontrollably at scenes which were, well, laughable, then I'll probably not go see it.. Well, I'll have to, to know if I would have laughed at it like the...
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    Poll: Lets pretend the government passes a law stating that you can't have a gun anymore...

    I get this great sense of egocentrism from people who claim they need guns or else the evil foreigners will invade, they'll be mugged because there's no other alternative to preventing crime than carrying a deadly firearm 24/7, or the big bad government will try to take-over. This isn't the...
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    Science is based on faith?

    I value knowledge, and as such I have faith that science is the greater key to knowledge than any religion or belief. I wont ignore more spiritual aspects of learning, but I will ignore the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) as I feel they have no worthy contribution to...