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    Deadpool 2 - Spoilers territory

    I had fun, and it was a nice irreverent change of pace from the usual MCU fare that I've been seeing lately. Even the more comedic entries like GoTG or Ragnarok pale in comparison to both Deadpool films. The landing sequence was the highlight of the film, and although some of the jokes fell flat...
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    In Regards to Wild West

    It doesn't solve the underlying problem, but whatever helps people sleep at night. The Escapist was never that good in terms of the community and removing this aspect will only cause those with attention seeking behaviours enabled by a general passive aggressive sentiment to lash out or just...
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    Community Disconnect

    Lots of oldguard thinking that the glory days were better and more civilised and people who think that loose restrictions means that they can recreate a poor man's version of 4chan. There is a disconnect but that's probably because people have clustered into smaller groups outside of the...
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    If you were raised today would you still be into gaming?.

    I was born in a small village. I was still a child when we were raided by AAA execs. EA execs. Torn from my nostalgia, I was made to play their videogames. With each new post, my masters changed along with the games they made me play. With each change, I changed, too. My thoughts, personality...
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    What's Makes A Man/Woman?

    Gender is a social construct. Sex is biologically conditioned by genes and hormones gradually. One may inform the other, but gender never determines hormone generation. The inverse holds true though, so therefore it's another abstraction. I was raised by a (comparitively, to the West)...
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    Poll: How Do Multi-Lingual People Think?

    Bilingualism in children actually has profound effects, as well as the ability to interface the grammars between two different languages. It doesn't make someone 'better' but it can be useful later in life, but as with all such predispositions, what matters the most is the application thereof...
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    Poll: How Do Multi-Lingual People Think?

    Too late. I have an animalistic rage procced by people suggesting that, and discussions about language always tend to have that crop up. Same with 'I prefer this language because it seems x'. Studying linguistics does that to you.
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    Poll: How Do Multi-Lingual People Think?

    1. I'd like to tell anyone from the get-go that if they try the meme of 'people who speak different languages inherently think differently' that I will throw that useless pop science out the window for nothing inspires more animosity in me than that one Sapir Whorf hypothesis (resurrected by...
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    Poll: Wonder Woman was not a good movie in any way

    I saw it with friends, we had a good giggle laughing at liberal dialectics. I give it 2 stars because it was mildly entertaining but also stupid.
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    Partying with loud music at late night: your thoughts?

    Because I have a really good stereo system that I invested my hard earned money into. Small headphone speakers do not compare to a full setup, especially not when you listen to loads of new music constantly.
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    Partying with loud music at late night: your thoughts?

    Legally, in the UK at least, it's not allowed post-11pm, but only on a frequent complaint basis can the police come in to do something. I was called out for it once when I was doing a party, but not since. However, I do play music reasonably loudly up til midnight on my stereo, I just enjoy...
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    Is "c***" just a replacement for "f*****?"

    Both are still used, but '******' has kind of worn down in severity. 'Cuck' is closer to 'beta' or 'pussy' than anything else, since it is used by alt-righters towards neo-cons and 'un-committed' right wingers, as well as the entirety of the left wing. In more general terms, it's anyone who...
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    Snowden - Citizen ... Two (Stars)

    People stealing money is one thing but the NSA watching you shit is something everyone should care about considering how much information people give up online for free. I mean, at what point does the government stop surveillance and at what point can the data be used against its own...
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    Zero Punctuation: Deus Ex Mankind Divided

    I mean, to be honest, what you described is exactly how Black Lives Matter sees racism. Rachel Dolzeal and Sean King are the equivalent of the pacemaker-equipped person being "augmented". But I don't expect Eidos to have that sort of subtlety, so it's safe to determine that it is basically...
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    Konami Announces Metal Gear Survive

    I refuse to fucking acknowledge this. MGS2 was prescient, comparable to Nostradamus in how it foresaw the world of today. MGS3 was a masterpiece and a true work of art akin to a Kurosawa epic or a Shakesperean tragedy.