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    "Gamer" as a term. Is it dead?

    You know what...I'll let Boogie answer that one for me. If you didn't watch: no.
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    Devin Faraci - Guy who called us terrorists

    Damn, I couldn't have put that any better if I had tried. But yeah, Devin Faraci's a colossal unredeemable ass for that. "Haha, I have more respect for people who're murdering people than people who're discussing corruption!" Seriously?
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    So who was your top "Never going to be in Smash Brothers" character?

    Geno Geno Geno Geno Geno Geno Geno Geno-
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    Your favourite 'chill-out' games

    Tldr, and I apologize for that (It's five AM and I'm normally better at that kind of thing, but I've been on something of a text-reading rampage), but Animal Crossing: New Leaf. There is literally nothing to do in that game but make more money, buy more cloths, leave them lying around the...
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    "Nintendo won't survive without third-party support."

    Not that I'm in support of his views, but to me it would be the difference in aesthetic and attitude between, say, Sunshine's Mario and Melee's Mario. Reminds me of the reason I was disappointed after they dropped Super Mario RPG's aesthetic to go to overly simplistic and nonthreatening designs...
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    Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

    *comes back as a skeleton* Well, I always wanted to be skinnier, but this is ridiculous! Yukyukyuk! Granted! It's replaced by the most annoying sound in the world! EDIT: Whoops, forgot my wish! I wish I could breathe underwater!
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    Make up a ridiculous video game name.

    The Seven Sages of the Severed City 6: Sincere Severe Sacrilege, the Superior Serpentine Sabotage Collector's Edition; including Serpent, Scapegoat, Cerberus, Shelly and Speedboat character skins, as well as the special shuriken, spike, spell and spear weapons. Preorder bonuses include the...
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    Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

    Granted, but you're unable to connect to the internet. I wish I could do things faster.
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    Blatant Lies

    This wasn't the first thread I found tonight, nor was it the first time I came to the Forum Games section. Also, I don't regret selling all my old Gamecube games to Gamestop. Nope. Not one bit.
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    Trailers: Dungeons & Dragons:Tyranny of Dragons Launch Trailer

    Ah teasers. No game play or story snippets, just a cool cinematic. I can't even really tell the genre from the trailer. Is it another MMO? An RPG like Dragon Age? Or will it play like God of War? Oh well. I like D&D, so I'll keep my eye on it and see where it goes.
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    Has a fanbase ever turned you off of watching something?

    Not that I want to prove you right, but the best justification I've heard for this is that the difficulty is supposed to augment the story. That is to say that the land of Lordran is a place where brave knights meet their end and gods choose madness to cling to their bygone age. The difficulty...
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    Has a fanbase ever turned you off of watching something?

    No. Never. Fanbases may act stupid and repulsive from time to time, but they're usually the vocal minority. Besides that, they have nothing to do with the quality of the product they rave about. Why would I miss out on something I could potentially enjoy because some asshole unrelated to me in...
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    July 2014 Best Month for Comic Books in Recorded History

    This reminds me, I need to renew my subscription soon. This is cool to hear regardless. I'll wager that all the movies coming out are helping these along. Now to go state the obvious elsewhere!
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    Songs you would use in a final stand

    It really depends on the kind of final stand it is. If I'm being crushed with an army of my fellow people, it would definitely be Blind Guardian. If I'm alone and trying to take as many as I can take with me, I'd have to do with Disturbed. If it's against a singular hated enemy...
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    New Super Smash Bros. 4 Character Will be Revealed on Monday

    I'm still hoping for Geno, even if it is a pipe dream. The guy was one of the more requested characters for Brawl, and with Fortune Street showing that Nintendo and Square can get together to make games again, it's not entirely impossible. Still, from what I've seen of Shulk, I wouldn't mind...