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    War Prime Sci-Fi Miniatures Come To Kickstarter

    How affordable is "affordable"? Because it had better be about 1/5th of the price of Games Workshop. I love the universe and such of Warhammer 40K, but that shit is just far, FAR too overpriced. Its about time some competition came along and forced them to re-think their pricing model.
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    Let's talk E3!

    All 3 did pretty well this year I think, but IMO Nintendo really blew it out of the park, which was rather unexpected and kinda awesome! Sony did a presentation that would have been fine at any other year, but I feel like they got out-played by the other two this year just by the fact that...
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    Friday Box-Office: Teen Weepie Crushes Cruise

    So, basically one of the primary reasons why The Fault In Our Stars has been popular (both the movie and the book) is because the author, John Green, has a massive following on YouTube. And rightly so, actually! Him and his brother Hank run the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel (as well as like, a...
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    Xbox One to Get Kinect-Free Version for $399 in June

    Microsoft has been making a lot of right moves lately. Sure they stumbled out of the gates, but unlike Sony and the PS3 they reversed a lot of the initial bad decisions very quickly indeed. This'll certainly make the market interesting; Sony now has some serious competition in the form of an...
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    World's Best Pizza Not in Italy, Nor America

    Congrats to the Aussie! :D (Also, I just want to say, the only people who think that American pizzas are better than Italian pizzas are generally Americans... ;P)
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    PS4 The Playroom Being Used by Some People for Live Sex Shows

    Welp, this was about as inevitable as the tides xD Seriously, did Sony expect anything less? Camera + live streaming options = pornography. ...Actually, scratch that, camera = pornography. Yeah, I'm surprised we didn't hear about this earlier.
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    Speed Runner Beats Ocarina of Time in Less Than 19 Minutes

    This is a really, really minor gripe and I'm fairly certain others have probably already mentioned it, but the language was Chinese, not Japanese :P OT: I honestly don't really see this as a 'speed run' to be honest, its just glitching your way to the end of the game. I'd much rather see...
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    Crimea's Attorney-General Inspires Anime-Style Fan-Art

    I've actually explained why I don't identify as a Feminist in a post above, so I point you towards that for that point. While yes, the Internet is filled with sexualisation of everything, I would argue that the problem is particularly prevalent for women, especially when its their looks and...
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    Crimea's Attorney-General Inspires Anime-Style Fan-Art

    I would actually argue that the whole "poorly named" thing is actually far more important than some people realise; I much prefer to call myself a Gender Equalist partly because the term 'Feminism' is so misleading to its actual goals and intentions. Why is that important? Because feminism...
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    Crimea's Attorney-General Inspires Anime-Style Fan-Art

    I feel like we shouldn't even be giving this news story validity by reporting it, frankly. Sorry if I sound like a Feminist, but the Internet is full to the brim with sexualisation of women anyway. Regardless of the controversy over the Crimea situation, the fact that a this woman has been...
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    Report: Leaked Images Indicate Assassin's Creed Game Set in Paris

    Yeah but thats just a handheld spinoff... one that wasn't pretty well received either if I remember correctly. I think it has more significance if a 'core' AC game had a female protagonist.
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    Report: Leaked Images Indicate Assassin's Creed Game Set in Paris

    Is it just me or does the figure in those shots appear... feminine? Would be cool to play as a woman for once. From what I understand of AC Lore (the whole Animus memory thing), theres no plot reason why the protagonist shouldn't be a woman, so maybe its possible?
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    Jimquisition: Why The PS4 Is Kicking Xbox One's Arse

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves here; the Xbox One is NOT failing. Being beaten by competitors and actually being a flop are two very different things. From all accounts the Xbone has actually sold pretty damn well, and is certainly establishing itself as a serious competitor to the PS4. The...
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    Pikachu Will be Japan's Official Mascot For 2014 Soccer World Cup

    You know, it just occurred to me... How much money does Nintendo actually make from just merchandising their characters? Like, they clearly have far, far more brand recognition when it comes to mascots and memorable characters in comparison to Sony or Microsoft, so they must do stuff like...
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    Commute-Case: The $6000 Transformer You Can Ride To Work

    There's one serious flaw with this device: storage. The thing about turning a briefcase into a scooter is, it takes away the function of the briefcase, which is a very important function for businessmen that this is presumably targeting. Carrying 2 briefcases is not practical; so you're...