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    I haven't been here for over a year. What's changed that I need to know about?

    I'm back! And a lot of you still can't spell, apparently.
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    "gaming" on tablets

    I recently got a pretty low-end Android phone, and it has no problem running a SNES emulator. I'm pretty sure there are external controllers available for these things as well.
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    Kinect Star Wars Is Number One With a Bullet

    Anybody who gets upset about this is laughably pathetic.
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    Do you associate songs with particular games?

    Any of the Deus Ex games and Pack Animal by Buck 65. Seriously, it's weird.
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    If you could have only one drug.

    LSD, I suppose. Or cannabis. Or MDMA. This is too difficult. Properly regulated, they would all make the world a better place. Which is why they are illegal.
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    Michael Bay's take on the Ninja Turles...Oh Boy...

    Good thing nobody's forcing adult fans of a childrens' cartoon from the 1980s to watch it, so there's nothing to get angry about. I'm sure that children, for whom it is intended, will enjoy it.
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    Poll: Conservationism - Opinions?

    This is more or less my current line of study, and I believe that endangered species ought to be saved purely for their aesthetic value. They're neat little things, and took a long time to evolve. It's like people selling chicken nuggets on eBay because they look like Lincoln's head, except a...
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    Poll: Are you finished with Bioware now?

    I'm going to whine about the company because they didn't make their latest offering to my exact specifications, using the word 'boycott' liberally, then go ahead and buy the next title anyway as getting laid in real life is difficult because only douchebags who shower and shave can get...
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    Poll: Do you go on dating sites?

    Joined OkCupid a while back, but there aren't a lot of people on it and my success rate so far has been a resounding zero, except getting messages from generously-proportioned women who are invariably into anime or normal people who invariably live on different landmasses. My captcha is the...
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    The Big Picture: Not Okay

    Disinfection via sunlight is indeed the only way to cleanse these weird, sweaty Fauxspergers creeps. I wonder how long before the medium becomes free of this particular taint..
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    Moments when you think "I really hope this is a troll..."

    A lot of the threads here, actually.
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    How did you have sex?

    Shaved my neckbeard and stopped being creepy. It works.
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    Poll: How many of you have Asperger's/Autism?

    Probably around the same amount of the people who have neckbeards and flaunt their asexuality in order to hide the fact that they can't get laid due to lax hygiene. Nice way to take away support from people who actually live with the condition.
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    Mass Effect 3...I think that people are overreacting

    That applies to every neck-bearded manchild who lets games take over his existence, though. The way I see it, Bioware know what they're doing. People bitched about Mass Effect 2 too, yet it sold well. They're a company out to make money, not please weird lumpy people who complain about the...
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    Mass Effect 3 Gives Steam a Miss at Launch

    Waait. Does this mean you won't be able to carry over your characters from the previous games? Because that would be akin to the franchise shooting itself in the foot.