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    Short games!

    Well that's true. But if it were good enough you might play it through several times maybe?
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    Short games!

    I know a lot of you like games that run for hours 60+ maybe? But as a married mortgaged male I really appreciate games that are a bit shorter 12 hours or less is fine. As I find I have little spare time so like the story's to be too the point the action thick and fast. I wonder how many more...
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    Favorite Twisted Metal series ending?

    The endings too those games were classics. Made me finish the game with every character just to see the witty endings. About time for another twisted metal?
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    The next dominant genre in gaming.

    I would love to see space games come back. Particularly Open world one like Elite with real land able planets and maybe first person space stations walks/shoot outs!
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    Games you keep as your "dark little secret"

    I love pinata. Got it for the wife and played behind her back when she was at work It's like crack! LOL I also still love playing STATE OF EMERGENCY on ps2 It's rubbish but the time trial bits (Shoot as many people as possible) are brilliantly balanced! Puzzle bobble to my wife thinks I'm...
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    Why don't we have a sequel yet?

    Elite four!!!! PLEASE PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE. I want to see this game before I die!
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    77: Confessions of an MMOG Cross-Dresser

    On a different note I noticed when my wife was playing MY SIMS that the characters are neither male or female I only assumed they were either by their clothes which are completely interchangeable from mini skirts to suits. And also one of the characters appears to be a drag queen for want of a...
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    Zero Punctuation: Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

    Thats the funniest review in ages thanks yahtzee. You give us all a reason to live one week longer!
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    Weakest protagonist EVAR!

    Raphael in the nes turtles game you knew you were in trouble when you had to use him.
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    137: The Secret of Monkey Island

    I'm suprissed there hasn't been a film of Monkey Island made or suggested? Maybe the Pirates of the Caribean films have stolen it's ideas somewhat.
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    When was the last time you cried and/or teared up during a video game?

    I was quite upset when lester died at the end of Another World. As well as the end of Outcast when Marion is shot after everything you have gone through. Both quite similar endings too.
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    Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    Bwahhah Yahtzee you kill me every time! What ever their paying you is probably about right it keeps YOU angry.
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    Game mechanics you hate

    I hate FPS's were your only given enough ammo to fight for about 50ft, before having to loot courpses. Why would a soldier go into battle with a pistol and one clip of ammo? COD4 has at last realised a soldier carrys about 300 rounds for his rifle! On a personal note I love grenades but most...