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    Darth Maul to be resurrected in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    *Sigh*... is it shallow that this deepens my current depression?
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    Former Austin Powers Star Suspected of Murder?

    This guy scares me... there goes my sleep tonight...
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    Poll: Wesley Crusher: Thoughts and opinions?

    For those of you who don't know, Wesley Crusher is a character in Star Trek: The Next Generation, played by Wil Wheaton. His role in the series has led to him being the character who "Saves the day" on several occasions, even as he is on a ship filled with Star Fleet members of much higher rank...
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    Poll: Do you think Warcraft 4 should continue the plot of WOW or ignore it?

    Well, while my vote is for letting you play the events of WoW in an RTS format, I think that it would be difficult to pull off, so though they SHOULD, they probably won't if it does come out. Maybe as short bonus content. Like if you find a certain collectable in campaign, you unlock the final...
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    The last movie you saw combines with the last game you played and the last book you read.

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Darkness, My Booky Wook Russel Brand, an alcoholic, drug addict, sex addict is trying to get his career off the ground as a stand up comedian, but great personal difficulties continue to plague him. But, all of this must be put to the side when, on the day...
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    Poll: If God had a nationality, what would it be?

    *Every person who reads your thread has an epiphany that race doesn't matter, and everyone walks out their doors, meets in a open, sunny field, and holds hands and sway, while "Why Can't We Be Friends?" plays magically from the sky" I see no other possible outcome! But in all seriousness...
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    Japanese City Blatantly Rips Off Pikachu For Mascot

    They seriously thought they could get away with that? In Japan? Hell, you couldn't even pull that off as original in backwater rural Kentucky. Of course, they probably just thought nobody would care, but, here we are. Mocking them.
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    Video games ARE causing violence.

    The Sega Genesis that my grandma used to own killed my cat one day, because he was angry at me... he said if I told anyone I'd be in trouble, because I was there too...
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    Poll: Sympathy or Pandering? Moral Dilemma.

    Alright, I misunderstood you. Reality of Human communication, moving on. I accept your premise, however we have arrived at different conclusions. You see the the talent show as inconsequential enough that my even bothering to worry about it is silly, correct? I agree with that it is of little...
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    Poll: Sympathy or Pandering? Moral Dilemma.

    Thanks for your input PascalCase. However, there's one point I have to correct you on: I'M Canadian. The high school is in Canada. I don't know if this changes anything for you, but just thought I should specify.
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    Poll: Sympathy or Pandering? Moral Dilemma.

    I'll address this point by point: 1: I'm not even sure what you're saying here. Maybe I have to know more about Indian food, I don't know, but you really didn't get your point across, at least to me. 2: The Example about the curing of cancer vs. the juggler. You seem to say that people care...
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    Poll: Sympathy or Pandering? Moral Dilemma.

    I'm not trying to be part of any "Anti-Political Correctness Bullshit", I'm just interested in peoples opinions, and also in some good old fashioned debate and conversation. including this one. Thanks for weighing in on this, I appreciate all sides of this topic.
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    Poll: Sympathy or Pandering? Moral Dilemma.

    I honestly cant say, as I've never looked into it myself, but the boy in question is, in the sparse encounters I've had with him living in a small town high school, rather anti social, and short tempered. I don't know if this is at all helpful in deducing his condition, or even if it has...
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    Poll: Sympathy or Pandering? Moral Dilemma.

    Hmmm. Interesting. Thank you, I hadn't thought of it that way in particular before. As for if it was for performer or audience, there was a first, second, and third place prize (He got second... a much more talented young lady got third), but they were your basic gift cards to Walmart of scaling...
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    Poll: Sympathy or Pandering? Moral Dilemma.

    Ok, here's the story. I attend a high school, and at this high school, there was a talent show several months ago. It wasn't a big affair, just a chance for some kids to show a skill that they have pride in. There was an improv acting group, and several dance acts, but mostly it was musical...