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    I want Skyward Sword but...

    The wii has some really good niche games on it. A Boy and his blob - a great puzzle/platformer Another Code - a beautiful looking and interesting point & click adventure (It starts slow thgough) Sin & Punishment 2 - Treasure being awesome. Little King Story - charming, funny, fun...
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    Poll: No-kids-allowed movement. Yay or nay?

    What's with the child hate? Being a parent is hard work and you want to ban kids from grocery stores? That's impractical. I can see the argument for having separate no-kids classes on airlines but a total ban will cause people to lose a much needed family holiday. (Also I'm sure places like...
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    Terry Pratchett Makes His Own Heavenly Sword

    I love this man. What a hero! I just finished reading his new book 'I Sall Wear Midnight'. It's really good. Keep on defending the peace Sir.
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    The best animated films ever made

    I love animated films so a top 5 is going to be hard. I'll exclude Pixar, classic Disney and Studio Ghibli from this list even though they could all fill a top 5 list easily. 1. Ghost in the Shell - I love the themes, ideas and animation. It's a great and smart film (the tv series and other...
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    How original is your username and have you ever run across someone else who is using it?

    I thought mine was unique but I googled it and a few people have the same username but on different sites. I coe up about 3 times on googles 1st page though.
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    One pokemon in real life.

    Pikachu! Cutest thing around and it can power up my car if the battery runs flat.
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    The Best Game that has no Violence

    Animal Crossing is a good one and so are those Beat.trip.bit (or something like that) Wiiware games. Phoenix Wright may count too. Ok so every case you're involved with is a murder but apart from that it's a text heavy adventure.
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    "Balance? I know not of this 'balance.'"

    Yeah that Wario eat move doesn't really make him broken. it's easy as hell to avoid, just stay away form the edge.
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    Oldest and most used device you own.

    My bed.
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    Rebecca Mayes Muses: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

    That was really nice.
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    Give a nickname to the user above you!

    Rudolf the red eared wierdo
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    Your favourite Universe made into a MMO?

    A killer7 MMO? I don't even know how that would work...Hmm, Maybe a No More Heroes MMO would work.
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    Poll: Avatar, what's the big deal?

    What is IMAX? I went to see it in IMAX but I couldn't see any differance at all.
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    Favorite Futurama Quotes

    "If I die tell my wife I said 'Hello'" Captain of the neutral army. Also from that episiode "Raise the white flag of war." The Zapper
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    Poll: Avatar, what's the big deal?

    It was okay but the story really didn't impress me at all. Nor did the charecters for that matter. The CGI was great and so was the 3D and the World they created was beautiful and amazing but if I wanted to see extrodinary creatures and plants I'd watch 'Life' or some other documentary.