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    Tales from the Table: Chapter 8: A Tale of Wanted Adventure

    I love the elf's ears, they're awesome. How dare that girl hit one of them off! So many laugh out loud moments in this episode. A well rounded, hilarious and story driven episode. Keep up the good work guys!
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    Tales from the Table: Chapter 7: A Tale of an Elven Council

    Wow guys, great episode! Loved the deeper story line and the parallels drawn between fantasy and reality. He was fighting himself! I get it! It's an inner struggle! Anyway, bottom line: loved it and can't wait for more.
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    Tales from the Table: Chapter 5: Tale of a Dungeon Master

    Wow guys, great episode. Loving the parallels that were drawn in this one. Really clever. Can't wait for the next one, and the next one...and the next one after that! Also, that damned Priest Lord is totally going to come back at some point now that he's made this second appearance.
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    Tales from the Table: Chapter 1: A Tale of Goblin Warriors

    I loved it, well done guys! My favourite part was when the barbarian winked at the camera. Such a womanizer. Keep them coming, can't wait to see what the main plot line will reveal.