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    NDAA bill signed... and no one seems to care.

    The bill is the source, go read it.
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    Help with Red vs Blue

    Try watching the Recollection boxset (season 6-8). I think season 6 is my favorite, even if it has no cgi awesomeness. 6-8 has great music, voice-acting and story. Better than 1-5 in almost every way. Never mind, 8 and 9 win best season, but 6 is still way up there.
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    MW3 what will people cry about?

    That just makes sense, so you dpn't have to use it immediatly in fear of dying. More strategy.
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    Rockstar Promises Max Payne 3 Will Still Be Still Noir

    I am a fan of dark and wet locations.....
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    Poll: Will Motion Gaming be around forever?

    Games will not be around forever. Humanity will not be around forever. But a long time? Sure. Define long time.
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    Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 8: Let's Kill Hitler *SPOILERS*

    Did I now? Sorry about that.
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    Nine out of 10 will not finish the game they are playing

    How can you say Episode One, Portal 2 and AC2 are not worthy :/ :P
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    Sweden: Piracy Is Not A Religion

    At least they are not cutting parts of the body of their children, covering up their women, or claiming that using a condom is a sin. You know; like the three biggest religions out there. Compared to them, these guys are harmless. (Only focusing on the bad parts here, not saying religion is...
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    I didn't care for doctor who

    Woah, are you saying DW don't change? The show is built on change :P
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    Poll: Is it 'cool' to use Internet Explorer yet?

    Cool? It is not cool to use any of them. Just like it is not cool to just breathe.
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    Trailers: Duke Nukem Forever: Another Important Message

    He had a second sign.. I was starting to worry...
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    Teen Arrested for Home-Made "Hot or Not" List on Facebook

    Stocks? Someone expain?
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    Doctor Who Series 6.3 'The Curse of the Black Spot' SPOILERS

    You get it one week after.
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    Poll: Is the Doctor (Doctor Who) Gay?

    He had kids.
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    Superman Quits America, Fox News Readers Take the News Badly

    They did not seem that bothered if you ask me. The comments on the other hand :P