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    War On Chri... wait? PORN!! HELLLLLLLLLL NAAAAHH!!!!

    I can't seem to muster any sympathy for porn companies. I'm actually of the opinion that it's bad for you and bad for relationships. I've been trying to quit watching the shit. The days I did watch it, I notice how negatively it impacts the relationships I have with others- like I turn into...
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    Poll: Meat causes cancer :O | What will you do? | Human Evolution vs. Contemporary Science?

    Meat's expensive. I don't buy too much except for chicken. By the way, yes "everything causes cancer," but the study stated that processed meats are responsible for about 1% of cancer related deaths, not statistically insignificant. In any case, there are worse things meat do than cancer...
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    (Haven't written anything in ages lol) Politics aside, Israeli tank designs and retrofits are extremely cool. First we have the M51 Isherman. It was designed to shut up people who argued that Shermans didn't have enough firepower. Then the Magach, designed around the M60 Patton...
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    Favorite Episode from one of your favorite Anime

    Fourth episode of Kill La Kill. It's before it gets too serious and it's just a riot to watch!
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    Whats the stupidest thing youve ever got away with in a RPG?

    Sadly, when the door was opened everything had disappeared. :( I admit I was hoping for something funnier than that myself. The next game I rolled to scare off some street thugs or something with a double barreled shotgun. Rolled a 1 (using d100, low rolls good). Every enemy had either dropped...
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    Whats the stupidest thing youve ever got away with in a RPG?

    It was Dark Heresy, a 40k themed RPG. I played a character who at the very start bought a solitary frag grenade. At the end of the campaign we ended up fighting some slasneesh-based orgy-cult or something. "Upon opening the door you find a writhing mass of people [sexing it up] in a horrific...
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    About 25% of Americans Don't Know the Earth Revolves Around the Sun

    Careful with that bias there- you went up and stated that %25 of people living in the United States did not know the Earth revolves around the sun. There is no comparison here except an implied matter of fact statement that everyone should know this. What are these statistics in other parts of...
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    Fox Business: LEGO Movie "Anti-Capitalist"

    I saw the movie. It wasn't about anti-consumerism or anti-capitalism, it was about Well, honestly, plastic is tied to oil. Higher oil prices = higher production costs for raw materials, higher manufacturing costs for machines in the factory, higher shipping costs to get it to stores.
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    Most Bizarre Errors You Constantly See

    Dude the doctor WAS the monster. _>
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    Poll: The Trek or The War

    I would say Star Wars, I like its universe better. I like Star Trek a lot, but it's rather inconsistent with itself and the episodic nature means some events are designed with the status quo in mind, rather than advancing the story.
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    Favourite Ship

    The Space Shuttle Endeavor is probably my favorite ship ever to move. It is our real space ship, inspiring people for decades to work towards getting up a little higher. Why Endeavor in particular? Because my professor flew four times in it.
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    Poll: Do You Date?

    Need to figure myself out before bringing others into my life.
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    I'm having a lot of trouble finding it. It was called Flight or Aviation or something, but it's such a vague title I can't find the exact one. It was made in the 90's for Macintosh, and it was more of a sort of interactive encyclopedia, playing like you walk through a museum or something. There...
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    Four-Year-Old Patent May Hint At Valve's Next Announcement

    I'm calling dibs on the dual track-ball setup.