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    Timesplitters acquired by THQ Nordic

    Anything is literally a better chance that we'll see something TS-related when compared to Crytek's strategy of leading everybody on for a long time and then essentially saying 'nope, we've got nothing'. Actually, this makes me wonder what will happen to TS Rewind.
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    Can you guess a game from a line of dialogue? (thread game)

    Tales of the Abyss? At least, I think so. Sounds like something Asch said. Lemme give this a go... "I'm telling you for the last goddamn time, lower the goddamn bridge, you greasy vest-wearing monkey!"
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    Nintendo pulling some hostage bullshit.

    That's not what was said at all, just that future titles depend on how it does. You're taking it to the extreme.
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    PREY is getting Excellent reviews from everywhere

    No, the reason for them is that they did not enjoy the game or believe it to be as good as you or others did, and you cannot handle the fact that there are enough people that do not share your exact taste and opinions.
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    PREY is getting Excellent reviews from everywhere

    What makes this funny to me is that the game's been out for three days and people are already completing the game in less than 20 minutes: I know it's more of a speedrun community thing, but I just can't help but be...
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    Franchises You Want Revived

    By actually DEVELOPING THE SEQUEL, which FRD was actually doing before they went into administration and subsequently bought by Crytek.
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    Pokemon Uranium, AM2R Removed From The Game Award's "Best Fan Creation" List

    Sorry, everybody already did despite no proof.
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    Dishonored 2 to Get New Game +, Custom Difficulty Settings

    So, are you people purposely saying Bethesda, or do all of you just conveniently forget that Bethesda didn't develop the game...
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    Get Far Cry: Blood Dragon For Free This Month

    Jumping the gun a bit, buddy. I suggest you read the article again.
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    David Cage and Quantic Dream Return to E3 with Detroit: Become Human

    Yeah, that would ultimately be the effect, huh. Still, it's worth it.
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    David Cage and Quantic Dream Return to E3 with Detroit: Become Human

    Please get excite. Man, at this point I just feel kind of bad for Quantic Dream at this point, people are more excited for the LP that tears into it more than the game itself.
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    Games you like playing, but are bad at?

    Counter-Strike. I couldn't be worse at it, I think, but I get the occasional lucky round where my aim holds true and it's just worth all the time spent dying and watching the rest of the players. Sometimes just listening to the dorks on the mic is worth it, too.
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    Is Half life 3 (or EP3) is only Vaporware That will never release?

    Yeah, I hope you don't mind if I don't believe a word you say based on that alone.
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    Poll: Why does nobody seem to have the balls to criticize Undertale and its genocide mode?

    To answer both nitpicks: you're literally killing everything in your path. Why would it be easy, or why wouldn't you be treated like a monster? Seriously?
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    Fallout 4 Mods are Now Live on Xbox One

    PC players literally look for any little thing to be smug about, don't they?