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    Where would you have a WW2 game take place?

    Finland. Our little fights against Soviets would be interesting to see recreated in a game. Because technically we were at war against the allied in a point. Also it there is lot of interesting material to explore. But no one would dare to do the game, it wouldn't sell to US audience, and...
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    World Health Organization: Latest Ebola Outbreak Moving Too Fast to Control

    1. Unless you reside in Africa, like to lick and hang around infected people. Just like with the flu epidemics western civilization gets every few years. Wash your hands and mind the hygiene.
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    Poll: Fallout 3 vs Vegas/ Fallout 4

    I have to say Fallout 3. It lacked a lot of things that I liked about in F:NV. But the environment was just way more interesting, the desolated urban environment that you could explore, the maintenance tunnels, traffic tunnels, the streets. It felt like a place where time stopped because of the...
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    Wisconsin Teens Claim They Stabbed Friend To Please Slenderman: Update

    You are right if you go by the original version of Slenderman lore. But since they expanded it with community contributions and with things like Marble hornets. He does have proxies and methods like the girls described. And then there is even greater surrounding and overarching lore, something...
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    Aversion to Children

    How about if you stop trying to do psychological analysis of me without knowing my full history or me personally. Or even what country and culture I am from.
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    Aversion to Children

    I think the whole "You were a child argument..." is horribly stupid. It is like saying a recovering alcoholic "You can't hate booze, you used to drink". To OP I say. Children are not for everyone. I don't like the idea of getting a child. (Even though I don't mind the idea of being a father...
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    Check Your Privilege!

    This doesn't work for me at all. The test has no option for Asexual (the discriminating bastards) or for the fact I been born and live in another country and culture (The discriminating...). But if I compare mentally. I live in a country that is quite accepting, has extremely good social...
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    Study Shows Aggression From Video Games Linked to "Incompetence"

    When you think about it, it does make sense. Just look at children in a classroom the biggest bullies are those who either can't do the tasks or the tasks are too easy for them. Boredom and frustrations leads to misbehavior. I work as curator and assistant conductor in 2 Junior orchestras...
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    Absolutely Fed Up With The "Men only care about sex" ideology

    I think it should stop also, but also I think it is a stigma that wont go away. Because that is how society works. I also this adds to peer pressure on young males. Being told that all they are about and after is sex. Might translate to later life. If you are being told you whole life you are...
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    Cortana Becomes Official For Windows Phone 8.1

    And it wont work in Finnish because out language is horrible. Also can we PLEASE have a choice to not have to use Bing. Every time I search anything with a vague term in it I get tons of porn... Also I am going to swap to Galaxy or something. I am just not in the mood for all the overly...
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    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Sells 2.7 Million Copies in Its First Week

    Is anyone surprised? Is the worth of news really. We ALL knew this would happen. Blizzard can release turd with a chips and side order of slightly off mayonnaise and nit would still sell (metaphorically). But what I have heard and seen it is good, better, worth it. But sadly I have lost my...
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    Poll: Does the RPG Maker engine bother you?

    My issue with RPG makers is that it doesn't take much to make anything there. Also reusing of assets and content constantly. Don't get me wrong here there are some good RPG maker games and creators. But the thing with them is, they usually script the content in there really well and do clever...
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    Dark Souls II Hi-Fidelity Screenshots Removed From Steam

    I never get it. Studios Make their models and textures in HD format anyway. Why is it so hard to map upscale the UVmaps on to the HD textures instead of tom 720p compressed ones? You do have the old textures, you don't just throw them away. Like you have to make Normal, Illu, and depth maps in...
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    Let's Look at Art

    You need to be about 13-14 to enjoy it. To be honest. I know Felix is smart and nice person. Believe me he is not stupid, he knows how to bait an audience and make money with it - I respect that. He knew how to use the Youtube algorithm. Basically he know how to play the youtube game. But...
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    Jimquisition: Monetizing Whales For The Retention Of Virality

    I think this was the most disgusting topic in the whole calendar: "Kids & Mobile: Monetizing in a Freemium World". Seriousl going in to the level of disgusting and ethically grey. Many countries have laws about protecting children from advertising and pressuring for money. - and for a reason...