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    Games you consider overrated

    All halo games, all dragon age games, all calls of dutie, the list goes on and on.
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    Has Average Post Count Gone Up?

    Because only those who completely and truely cared about this site remained, all the others left when the advertisement was multiplied by several thousand and the content makers were treated badly.
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    Have we learned nothing? (Or: SW:ToR - Retarded Monkeys?)

    Wear a watch and get on with the game. Also, if every server has central time as their main time, then that becomes server time, right? It can't be that difficult for an 'merican to keep track of 2 numbers instead of one.. The game is less than 2 months old, modding support will probably...
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    What the Internet used to be like

    I remember not being alowed to go online by my parents because you had to pay per second (or minute?). Oh and that you were never under any circumstance were allowed to share anything about yourself online, not even what country you are from because all of the internets were supposed to be crazy...
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    Things from previous Elder Scrolls games that you wish were in Skyrim.

    Morrowinds Enchanting madness and Spellmaking. Those two were completely off the wall bonkers. Enchanting in Skyrim feels very generic and meh in comparison.
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    Your most valuable in game possession... gone.

    About a month ago my old WoW account got hacked, and even though I had not played the game for 18 months and have no intentions of ever playing it again, I just HAD to make sure it was safe. When I last logged out on my old main it had logged 100 days of game time, and I could not stand the...
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    What brought you to Escapist and what made you stay?

    Yahtzee. Nothing else is keeping me here.
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    Poll: Are Skyrim enemies overpowered?

    I encountered one Silver Hand guy on Master when I powerleveled my trade skills ahead of my weapon / armor skill, he shieldbashed me to bits :*( Otherwise its only the dragons that cause lasting problems, but that is only on this particular savegame on Master. On normal I had no such problems.
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    Gaddafi is dead

    Now lets play a game of "guess which ones got a fair trial".
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    Gaddafi is dead

    He was also a leader who subsedised(don't mind my English..) bread for his people, making sure that none of his inhabitants went hungry while he had oil money, and he also made the educational system very cheap. Not everyone is pure good or pure evil. There are world leaders who would deserve it...
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    Force A Teen Girl To Swordfight, Go To Jail

    'Merica, home of the brave
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    How do you drink coffee?

    Black, double sugar. And Starbucks coffee is overrated.
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    Your username and what it says about you.

    Correct, I indeed do not know you. My comment was more aimed towards the Mastercheif12345's or those who add their year of birth / age though, rather than people who put thought into their id's. Yes, if you copy a pop culture reference as nickname, do at least pick something that hasn't been...
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    Your username and what it says about you.

    If you have a number that means nothing in your username it says about you that you have no creativity whatsoever.
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    Your username and what it says about you.

    My username is based on me being called Bob. Rocket surgery, isn't it?