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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    Well, after an hour of searching, I'm calling it quits. Here's what I remember. The only things I can recall are that it's a Lemmings-like clone, except it was with fish trying to escape from a lab. There was a large amount of power ups, including a snorkel that allowed them to leave the...
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    Poll: Is New Vegas a rip off?

    First off. Being English, and thus unable to play the game until Friday. So, take what I say with some salt. But from just watching the trailer and the comments from those playing the game, I can safely say you have no idea what you are talking about. There are considerable changes to the way...
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    Most dreaded sounds in gaming.

    I actually made a Zelda fan rage quit from the server I mod on just by those immortal two words. But...
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    Non Final Bosses That Destroyed You

    Nope. He only has two attacks. The first is he throws a bunch of red puppets at you, which inflict curse if they hit. The second, and the most annoying, is he'll put a puppet into one of the iron madiens next to him. If your party fail to destroy this puppet before the madien closes, one member...
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    Unskippable: Aliens vs Predator

    The whole point of the show is to mock rubbish openings. So you want them to do a good one? The point is being missed methinks.
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    Ubisoft Eliminating User Manuals

    Awesome. So now the game'll practically play itself for a few sessions or levels just because Ubisoft don't understand the concept of recycling? Tutorials are fine, but sometimes I don't want to pause every time I need to check which button does what when I can be, you know, playing the game?
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    Poll: Xbox Live Subscription fees... what do these fees actually pay for?

    Wrong. Not all of the games feature a peer to peer network. BFBC2 for example, but I'm certain they are other titles are well. Research before ranting next time.
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    The final Super Street Fighter IV character has been announced. And he's friggin weird.

    .... Seriously.....What the.. Speechless. Utterly speechless d=S
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    What Yahtzee will hate in: Mass Effect 2

    It's a foolish venture to try and predict what he will and won 't review. Namely due to the assfucking Australia gets with release dates and banning M rated titles, but also due to the fact there's rather a lot of big titles out recently, like Bioshock 2, Dante's Inferno and many more. If he...
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    Escapist News Network: On Punctuation

    Hey they weren't that bad....Mind I did have a wired one.... *cough*
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    Hilarious Enemy Battlecries

    "Nobody shoots my buddy but me!" "STRIP THE FLEASH. SALT THE WOUND. UNHAH. UNHAHA HU HA!" I actually have someone on XBL who has that very line as his bio. We tend to shout it rarely on MW2 or other multiplayer matches. That and spinning. Long story. "I AM FULL OF SANDVICH, ABD I AM...
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    What brings you to the internet on Christmas?

    Just checking on my friends from some of the sites I'm on basically. Not going to game seriously until tonight.
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    Games you've been roped into against your will?

    Sacred 2 and Too Human. And I've regretted it since.
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    Poll: How good are you at gaming?

    I'm no Pwnerer, but I'm not completely useless. Depends on the game, what mood I'm in and if I'm tired or not. Yes you read that right. I play better when I'm tired....