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    Kickstarter Hit Legend of Dungeon Available for $10

    OMFGcata and Indiestatik did a rather amusing Let's Play that seems to give a good impression of the game
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    What was your first curse word? Where did you learn it? And how old were you?

    Told some kid who was trying to pick a fight to fuck off back in grade 2 so I would have been 7 or 8. Learned it from my aunt who like the rest of my family are from the maritimes where swearing is our second language.
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    Which games need..........a Zombie Mode?

    The next edition of each EA Sports franchise definitely need zombie mode to shake things up.
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    King Washington Taking Over Assassin's Creed III in February

    Looks like they brought out the big guns at Ubisoft when writing this story.
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    What does your country do best?

    Based on the responses of the other Canadians on here, I'm gonna go with sarcasm.
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    The Best Advice You Ever Received.

    Advice to live your life by "Don't put it in your mouth" seems like pretty solid stuff too
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    1 vs 2: X-Men Legends vs X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

    I enjoyed 2 a lot more in the sense that I actually finished that one as opposed to only getting halfway through before I quit. I enjoyed the Apocalypse storyline a bit more than the whole new mutant thing and this was also the game that got me into Deadpool so there's that.
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    Amazon Launches EA Sports Free Game Promotion

    Already got NHL and Madden 13 around the time they came out. This doesn't really help now...
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    Red Versus Blue Through The Years

    I only really got into seasons 9 and 10 once I disassociated the first 5 seasons with it in my mind. Instead of seeing it as a comedy it becomes a drama series and there's an interest of seeing what is going to happen with the characters, especially those in the Freelancer project. I enjoyed the...
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    QWOP Gets Awkward Multiplayer Mode

    Too bad they didn't have this before. Some competition would've made this much funnier
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    Poll: Movie you are most looking forward to this year

    Toss up between Avengers and Dark Knight Rises, both look pretty awesome.
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    Least favorite 2011 game.

    The Witcher 2, at least for me. When I decide whether or not a game was bad, I base it off of how much fun I had. The Witcher 2 may have been well designed (according to its fans at least) but it was so boring and unintuitive I had to force myself to finish it (with the help of a couple of...
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    Poll: Escapists - Where do you live? (OR: Escapists near you!)

    Ottawa, Canada. It's a cool place to live (especially with all the snow we've gotten recently), but I find the east coast (e.g. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick) to be nicer than Ontario.
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    Poll: Is it snowing where you live?

    I'm in Ottawa and it's been snowing here for a while. A couple snow storms have hit us in the past few weeks along with some freezing rain. Makes walking the dog and busing suck quite a bit, but overall I enjoy the snow.
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    The longest you've slept, the longest you've been awake.

    Longest I've ever slept was 17 hours. I worked the summer at a camp for 2 months straight getting an average of like 6-7 hours of sleep so the night I got back I crashed at 9:00pm and woke up at 4:00pm the next day. Longest I've been awake was around 40 hours. For some reason one night I just...