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    Humble Bundle Presents Its Nintendo eShop Collection

    I would've bought it. But, yeah, only for Americans. Well, at least it's both South and North this time.
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    Indication that I'm not an anime-fan: I had to look up "onii-chan". But, hey, at least I knew the "chan"-part already!
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    Game Theory: The Pokemon Multiverse Explains Everything

    Heh. To be honest, I first heard about this whole thing being a misconception from a Steve Shives video and then decided to actually look into it, read up on it, because everywhere else in pop-culture, it seems, where you encounter it, it is talked about very differently. Yes, let nobody tell...
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    Game Theory: The Pokemon Multiverse Explains Everything

    The point of Schrödinger's cat, to my understanding, was that he meant to demonstrate how absurd it would be to apply these quirks of quantum physics on a macroscopic scale. As in: No, the unobserved cat (or Skitty) wouldn't be in a superstate of both dead and alive. He was disagreeing with the...
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    #022 Negative Reinforcement

    Erin has already learnt the most valuable skill for any modern FPS: Hide in cover until your health recharges. There's no need to worry about Erin, she's de facto immortal in her current state.
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    Poll: How do you personally feel about the term cisgender?

    I like that it reminds me of organic chemistry (for example, unsaturated trans and cis fatty acids). It's logically derived and it makes sense to have it. It's true that a lot of people complain about it being used as an insult, but as a cisgendered person myself, I don't have a problem with it...
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    Please welcome your newest moderator, Lilani!

    Seriously? People are using this thread to preemptively attack the new mod and to go after her for perceived injustices of the mod team from before she was made a mod as well? Hell. The resentment still present on these forums over this garbage is alive and kicking, eh? I'm a bit surprised...
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    Atomic Robo Kickstarter Aims To Reprint Entire Sci-Fi Pulp Series

    I was about to back this, but the shipping costs for all the hardcovers to Germany are an insane $380. I have to assume this is a bug or something. Wrote them a note to inquire about it, but until that is resolved, there's no fucking way that I'm backing this. Anybody else have this problem...
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    Actor Harry Shearer Leaving The Simpsons

    The most shocking thing about this story, to me, is the fact that there are apparently 26 seasons of the show already. I really didn't keep up, but then the few episodes I caught recently weren't all that great, anyway. Something about "foodies"?
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    #021 Distress Call

    You might be onto something there. Plus, they're fighting an army consisting of numerous alien races working together. I see a lot of blue energy weapon stuff... Okay, these are Tau auxiliaries they're fighting, aren't they? When will we see the actual Fire Warriors? It's just a matter of time.
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    Just Make A Game That Pisses People Off

    So they are kingdomists, is that it? All the rights to the animals, no matter how lacking in sentience they may be, but none to the other kingdoms. I get animal welfare, I really do - or at least I think I do - and I'm very concerned about it myself, especially when it comes to animals we...
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    Just Make A Game That Pisses People Off

    Vegans don't want to eat honey? I never knew. I mean, it's basically nectar with bee spit on it, right? You don't even need to imprison any animals as you would for milk, just provide an accessible shelter for the bees, flowers and blooming trees in the nearby area and sugar water to replace the...
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    #019: Faint Praise

    Pot is mood-altering and relaxing, yes. But crack is a far, far stronger drug. It can cause outright euphoria and is also much more of a stimulant. If she tries "not to think", using pot seems a bit weak to me.
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    #019: Faint Praise

    Last time she was lighting up, it was mentioned it's pot, not crack that she's smoking. While I don't have a lot of experience with pot, is that really something people do to forget or to stop thinking? Honestly, her smoking crack would seem more appropriate to me at this point. But maybe I...
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    Sure it is typical for Giger, but that doesn't make the androgyny and sexual imagery of this creature he designed go away. I don't understand what point you're trying to make. I mean, they chose Giger to design it because of his previous work, after all.