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    Should I play through Fallout 3 before starting NV?

    They're pretty much the same thing, so if you didn't like FO3, I doubt you'd like New Vegas.
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    Activision Mad About Modern Warfare 3 Site, Trying to Get it Taken Down

    It worked. Damn you, I tried to help.
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    your last game purchase? was it worth it?

    Brink. I'm not sure. I've barely touched it apart from a few hours when I first got it. My PC doesn't like it. It runs everything else fine, except Brink. So I suppose not... how disappointing.
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    Amatuer YouTube Pop

    So I'm sure we've all heard amatuer pop songs on YouTube. We all know the depths of the awful they can be. I want everybody to share the very worst of the worst they've seen/heard, and discuss whether it has merits for supporting starting musicians in their careers. I'll start out...
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    What type of phone do you have?

    Samsung Galaxy S, bought it about a week ago (and yes, I am aware that in Australia the Galaxy S 2 just came out, but meh). It's awesome so far, the time test is yet to come.
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    Zero Punctuation: Alice: Madness Returns

    That'd be the winter cold... He's in Australia, it's winter here... And at least where I'm from, EVERYONE has this cold.
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    You've just woken up naked next to the lead singer of the last band you listened to

    Chino Moreno. Wow, that could be awkward. I mean, I like him, but I don't... LIKE him.
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    Your Pseudonym, how did you come up with it?

    I'm just that kind of guy. *does shifty eyes*
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    Shows which died before their time

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I seriously recommend everybody watch that show, it's awesome. Well, started a lot more awesome than it ended... but still, awesome.
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    Poll: La Noire: will you buy it?

    Pre-ordering. Yep, it looks amazing.
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    Games you have spent over 100 hours on.

    312 hours on my main on WoW. That's about all.
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    Steam (those that have it)

    137GB, and that's pretty much all my games installed. I don't have many addons either.
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    Your 5 favourite bands.

    1) Karnivool 2) In Mourning 3) Fear Factory 4) Trivium 5) Lamb of God I think that's pretty close, but there'd be a lot that are interchangable. EDIT: But I would like to add Meshuggah and Birds of Tokyo up near the top. In fact, they could happily swap with Fear Factory, Trivium or LoG.
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    Poll: Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or Portal 2

    This thread is over a year old, how did it get resurrected? And I'd say Episode 3, I prefer the Half-Life series.
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    Who makes the best DLC?

    Rockstar. I loved GTA IV's expansions.