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    If you had an internet connection from 100 years in the Future...

    Condensing 100 years of future history in 10 minuets... right... Now what I would really try to do is look at what condition the world is in in 100 years and hope that it is something worth fighting for and if I don't like what I see then I would somehow end the world right now and try to...
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    Whats your favorite story

    You know that one story about that one time at band camp. There is always something new every time someone tells it.
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    Your Favourite Anime Ending. the end of the story.

    serial experiments lain for blowing my mind and giving me that amazing opening.
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    Does Elfin Lied get better? *no spoilers, please*

    Nope. actually... well I could go into details but this series has "Those" kind of fan bases and I can already tell that a majority of people on the escapist are "Those" fans and I don't want to start anything. But I will say that if you don't think about it too hard you might enjoy it a...
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    Decided to make a last minute zombie costume for Halloween. Can I have some tips?

    Sit down and I will tell you a tale of how I made my zombie costume... The first thing I did was find some old clothes I used for manual labor. It was perfect,the cloth was faded and tattered and stained already from years of work. Now that would have been fine but I took it one step...
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    What do you think are the "trippiest" games?

    LSD I win Edit: oh wait someone already posted it... I have videos so I WIN
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    What is the best noise your alarm clock could make?

    "Good morning master. I trust you had a good nights rest. Your coffee is brewing as we speak and should be ready in a few moments, I have a fresh set a clothes ready for you. Today's forecast say we will have clear sunny day today." Yeah something like that.
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    if you found an nude girl on the gorund (morality question)

    First thought to go through my mind would be "DAMN she must be totally fucken wasted." then pick her up and take her to a chick friend's house or something. wait Im I near any medical facilitates?
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    "Terrible" thing you have found on the internet

    can I count this thread for reminding me of the things I didn't want to remember?
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    Gaming influencing you music?

    not really. I listen to a lot of trance, hardcore, gabber, you know that kinda stuff and games have no real impact on my taste for music. well unless I was playing beat mania or DDR I guess
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    how would your life be if you never gamed

    I think I would be like ... reading more books and discover a cure for some type of cancer or something among those lines. Dear god I would be such a different person, probably a jock... gross.
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    Recommend an anime: more difficult

    Well, shit I guess I got nothing then well except for Claymore maybe... Sorry OP I failed you
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    Have you ever had a dream about a game?

    Why not? I had a dream where a friend and I were trekking the zone and finding artifacts and we got some fat loot.
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    Recommend an anime: more difficult

    Bam But really a friend of mine has been pestering me to check out Maria watches over us (Maria-sama ga Miteru) I have not seen it yet but my friend is more inclined to the mature sophisticated type of thing, which I find extremely hilarious because he was expecting a somewhat perverted...