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    Poll: ME3 - Aren't You Guys Rather Embarressed?

    Your mistake is in viewing the entire fanbase as a whole here. There is a minority of fans who will complain about each and every game they supposedly enjoy. There is another who are ideologically opposed to certain types of DLC, or certain companies. Then, there are those who feel they were...
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    So I beat Dragon Age: Ori- Wait what? Oh fuck you EA!

    Couple years late aren't you OP? On an unrelated note this is quite amusing to me. You beat the game, and seem confused that it ended after that.... Edit: I beat Chrono Trigger and now these assholes expect me to start all over and beat it thirty-odd times? NEVER AGAIN SQUARE, NEVER AGAIN...
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    Naming a Puppy, need some help. EDIT: Pics Added.

    Isn't that Menchi?
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    Gamer Dies In LAN Cafe, No One Notices

    It's not uncommon for folk to sleep at some of these cafes, silly submitter. That said, nine hours is quite a long time for no one to notice the "sleeping dude" isn't breathing.
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    Poll: What age did you start playing M rated games

    I was born to young parents in the eighties, so it may have actually been the case that the first depiction of a naked breast I ever saw was in Duke3D. I'm not sure what to think about this. Edit: I was about seven, maybe eight.
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    When Yellowstone Erupts, what is your plan?

    I'll continue to rot in my grave.
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    SOPA Storms Back

    Do not meddle in the affairs of geeks, for they are subtle and quick to anger.
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    Mass Effect 3 Gives Steam a Miss at Launch

    I'm not such a fan of the Bioware Points, but I think the argument loses it's weight when you consider that Valve only got it's panties in a twist because it's those and not Steambucks. The whole deal is silly, and exactly the wrong reason to fracture these services either way. As an aside I...
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    Oklahoma mom shoots and kills intruder

    It's only a shame she's not faster on the reload, we could have gotten rid of two shit bags in one go. Oh yes, boo hoo I'm sure both those pieces of human trash had really sad stories, and they were going to rob this woman in order to set up an orphanage. Save your breath.
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    What was the first video game you EVER played

    Apparently I goofed around with some Atari stuff my parents friends had in the living room when I was a tyke, but the first I actively remember was Super Mario Bros. My parents decided that I'd had fun, and got me an NES as a Christmas present when I was three.
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    Prison Gladiatorial Death Matches

    Because we are supposed to be locking up those whom we deem to be a threat to society. The death penalty is argued for with many different explanations: Humanely dispatching those who are believed to have no chance at rehabilitation, punishment, or what have you. What's being discussed here is...
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    Define Your Game In One Quote

    Dwarf Fortress: "... It menaces with spikes "
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    If you were God, what would you do?

    Start looking for other intelligences.
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    Poll: Worst game-lengthening scheme.

    Backtracking. Oh god, the backtracking.
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    So Long, Bandai Entertainment

    Official Citation? The Escapist? Oh sir you slay me. On topic: Sad to see these guys go, they don't make anything I watch but at best they'll be replaced by someone who is far less interested in making proper translations. I suppose I could just be jaded, but sloppy "localized" translations...